AKG in its own has many different types of headphones. The whole offer is divided into several sections – depending on the applications – these are as follows: HOME, DJ, GAMING, ON THE GO and special product line – QUINCY JONES LINE.

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I recently had the pleasure of presenting a product for the GHS 1 Camouflage series. The hero of this review is the product of the eloquently named ON THE GO, which is easy to guess for people looking for mobile headphones – for travel, etc. applications. There are many earbuds and earbuds in this department. In addition to them we will find there. Mini headphones.

The AKG K830 BT, for that matter, is a wireless headset with a Bluetooth receiver. They are advertised as a high performance device, perfect sound, elegant design and superior usability.

Is it in fact? Should you be interested in this model of wireless headphones? How do the headsets handle everyday use? For these and many other questions I will try to answer in this review.

Please keep in mind that the profitability of the purchase and the quality of the sound should be decided by the individual. The following article, and in particular the tests are based mainly on my feelings – the choice of headphones should rely on “hearing” a few heavier models, and not on the opinions of third parties.

This product is sold in a similar GHS 1 – black, stylish box.

There was also a “window” through which you can see the entire handset. The headset contains information on the headset and contents – what accessories the box contains.

Inside the package we will find everything we will need to use the K830 BT with phones or computers equipped with a bluetooth transmitter. AKG also offers a more “cool” version of the AKG K840 KL wireless headphones, which cost far more than the K830 BT. There is no such thing as a bluetooth transmitter.

No transmitter is not something terrible – the cost of such a simple bluetooth transmitter is relatively small. However, it is no surprise that it was not added to this set – how much such a device can cost the manufacturer ?!

AKG K830 BT as well as GHS 1 are closed earphones (not ear buds in full). They are quite light, because their weight is only 145 grams (for GHS 1 is 170 grams).

The main features of both products are similar to some extent – they are low-noise headphones (only 32 Ohms), with small transducers. The frequency response for the K830 BT is in the range of 18 Hz to 20 kHz (for GHS1 24 kHz).

Headphones are made mostly of plastic. It was made, among others. Shells and bow design. As standard (as for AKG), the shell extension and folding system is enriched with metallic elements, making the structure robust.

The “capacity” of the headphones is similar to GHS 1.
A leather-like material with a kind of rubber frame is used under the bracelet. The amount of material used is sufficient – the “pillow” is neither too soft nor too hard.

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The signal wire that runs between the shells is hidden inside the bark, so that it is virtually impossible to see. There was also such a detail as to highlight who was responsible for this construction – the right entry was placed near the right shells on the bow.

The pads are made in the same way as most of the manufacturer’s products are made of leather-like material. This material is quite smooth and nice to the touch – ensures high comfort of use.

The pillows are quite easy to disassemble and if they are cleaned or exchanged we will not encounter any problems.

Both seashells were labeled “AKG”. In addition, the left shell has functional buttons that are responsible for managing the player on the device with which the K830 BT has obviously been connected.

There are buttons responsible for changing: “-” and “+” volume and track – forward and backward. Another slideshow is used to stop and resume a song. The central button located at the center of the shells is used to answer / end calls. In addition, briefly holding down this button resumes the call to the last person in the call list. Longer pressing this button will turn the headphones on or off depending on the previous state.

The Axis 2 3D system offers great possibilities for folding and adjusting ear cushions. In case of transport we can put the shells inside. Headphones take up little space then, and we reduce the probability of damage.

The microphone was hidden in the left shell near the mini-USB input for recharging the battery built into the device. Using the directional microphone is the best solution, because the microphone itself is quite far from the mouth. The decisive advantage of such a solution is that we do not “dynda” next to the face as it does in “standard” headphones. The downside, however, may be that we will not talk comfortably with a louder environment.

Added USB cable to charge the device is quite good solution, because practically every step we have contact with a computer that has a USB connector. The plugs have engraved AKG inscriptions and the plug itself has a sticker telling you what this cable is for. There is also information on the voltage and current that should flow through the cable – 5 V and 300 mA. According to this information, even the USB 1.1 connector is compatible.

The case is like a whole set of simple and stylish – without unnecessary “bajerów”, in black.

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The directional microphone hidden in the left shells is the best solution. For good reason the user may not even realize that he has a microphone in the headphones. He’s doing well, but for the time being. When the wind starts to blow, our interlocutor will not understand much of our message. It is similar in louder rooms, or in a group of people. Nevertheless, the microphone allows conversation under similar conditions as through the microphone built into the phone. So much for sending sound, its reception is even better – thanks to the relatively good isolation, we can easily focus on what the speaker says.

Similarly, talk with eg Skype. The microphone, due to its distance from the mouth, can not match that of the GHS 1, but it will be enough for most users. Headphones are designed for everyday use, not for hardcore gamers who sometimes fail to communicate well with their surroundings.

In summary, the microphone is well matched to these headphones and will surely meet the expectations of users.

Headphones are designed for high comfort, so the bow does not squeeze the shell tight. Initially it seems that their isolation is low / low level due to the main assumptions / goals of the product. Fortunately, it is not. As soon as the K830 BT starts to play a song, it is immediately noticeable that, despite the low pressure of the headphones, they allow you to fully enjoy the music. This is due to good construction – the pads are well attached to the ears. It is not the maximum isolation of headphones like the GHS 1, but it is sufficient. I am even inclined to say that it is surprising to find such a convenience of use.

The AKG K830 BT will surely work as a wireless headset for your phone and even as a headset to your computer. The ability to comfortably watch a movie and not worry about whether the cable is not hooked up or whether it is long enough, will be appreciated by many users.

Function buttons make it easy to manage the player. We do not need to get up and change the song on the phone or the PC. An additional LED under the main button indicates the condition of the headphones when the sound is played, it blinks in blue every five seconds.

When charging the headphones is red.
When charged, it turns green. Also when the K830 BT is on / off, the LED lights for a short time in green. To change the source, or to “hook” the handset to another device, you need to reset it first. This is a very simple procedure – just turn off the handset, then hold down the main button along with the “+” and then restart. The K830 BT will then be included in the device search mode, then add them as a new device, for example, in our computer.

Battery life according to the manufacturer’s specifications is up to eight hours and so is the case. The main problem will be the devices sending signals, such as phones, whose batteries will not allow for such long music playback via Bluetooth. In the case of desktops in particular, these eight hours are sufficient. Charging time “from zero” is about 1.5 hours. However, it is not possible to use the device during charging.

The range provided by the manufacturer is 10 meters and it is also reflected in reality. In the open space up to 10 meters the headphones receive a good signal and do not interrupt playback. As we begin to move away, there will be “shreds” and temporary drops of sound reproduction until the communication is completely lost. In the case of the phone, the handset will be disconnected, even if the distance to it is reduced, the music will no longer play. In the premises of the headphones are well done and even through the wall, up to about 5 meters from the transmitter can be used comfortably.

The AKG K830 BT is very nice. Headphones allow comfortable use even for a few hours, most importantly – thanks to their small size they do not tire ears. Function keys are useful and allow you to control the player, and the device itself meets the main assumptions – they are well made, comfortable and stylish handsets.

Before I started “basking” and after finishing it I did not notice much difference in the playing sound.

To be sure that I am using the full power of the headphones, they play for several hours a day for a variety of ointments – mainly wav and flac.

The main test hero (K830 BT) and headphones used to compare the quality of the sound played:

To check how the handset handles in its intended destination I used the following phone:

The tests are divided into three categories: music, movies and games. They were conducted on the test platform above and on the K770i. Music – on the same test platform and on the phone were playing the same songs. Film – I saw the whole movie on the headphones K830 BT, later selected moments I listened to the headphones GHS 1. Games – several titles including. Call of Duty Black Ops in multiplayer mode. I played with the headphones shown in the table above on the same maps, among others. Array.

After listening to songs from different musical genres, I can say that the headphones reproduce a very neutral sound. We are not here to emphasize certain tones, as in the case of GHS 1, where the lower registers are more prominent. The sound itself is quite clear. Unfortunately, on such poor quality transmitter BT21 (BT 2.0 version) there is noise. Despite these distortions, the vocals and the instruments themselves are quite readable. The intensity of the noise is different depending on the quality of the song – the worst is on dynamic tracks of lower quality (mp3 ~ 128 kbps). With the more subdued songs in the flac / wav format the noise is already less noticeable.

In general, the headphones play well, but in combination with the poor transmitter we get rather average sound quality. Compared to the GHS 1, the bass is primarily noticeable. This, however, is based on the premise of both products – GHS 1 are for the players, and the K830 BT for hours, and most importantly, comfortable listening music. GHS 1 plays much more dynamically, and the medium itself is even more readable. The separation of consecutive tones is also more accurate than the news from the AKG. At higher gain the K830 BT starts to play impure, but it’s a pretty annoying level. So no one so loudly the music will not listen.

The same songs played over the phone sound better – no songs are present. As for the quality of the sound itself, it is subdued and allows for long musical enjoyment. Bas is not deep, but dynamic, the center is very clear. You will not have trouble distinguishing between sounds. The vocal is clear and clear. It is only when we increase the volume significantly we will make shortcomings in the form of overly aggressive tones as well as general impure sound. However, it is worth remembering that listening to music so loud can be more tiring than pleasant (omitting the sound impurities).

In general, the headphones fulfill their main premise – the sound is pure and rather neutral. Thanks to this, the K830 BT can be quiet for several hours listening to music.

Sound quality in movies is really good. Dialogues are clear as well as the effects in the film itself. You can focus on conversations as well as events in movies without problems.

One of the test titles was a movie, but rather an animation “How to steal the moon”. The sound was subdued and clean. Maybe apart from sporadic noise caused probably by an airy transmitter. Special effects were good, with no comparison to GHS 1, where the low tones are significantly more prominent. If someone likes a more subdued sound then the K830 BT will most satisfied him. The sounds were quite clear, and the sound itself made us feel like we were at the center of the events in the film.

With good isolation, you can focus on and enjoy the movie. Thanks to the neutrality of the sound, the handset does not tire and will allow you to see even very long (temporary) items.

The headphones in the games were astonishingly good except for some old games (including Counter-Strike: Source), which were against the sound of Bluetooth headsets. Despite the use of the same transmitter, the sound in the other titles was clean and only occasionally there was noise.

The sound in this game was a bit unnatural. Positioning was good, but the sounds themselves in particular bursts were not clean. Also, the scene itself seemed a bit too remote. The average tones were “muddy”, and instead of pure, dynamic bass, I received artificial beats.

Sound very natural and quite dynamic. Headphones made for a comfortable game play – it was practically impossible to forget that it was set up. Sound similar to what the GHS was offering 1. This was a very positive surprise. The engine noise or the change of surface was intuitively perceptible. Even with a view of the cockpit of the car, it was known when the car had left the main route. The menu sounds were very pleasant. In general, the headphones played very impressive.

Like the DiRT 2, the quality of the sound was solid. The sound was clear, the effects of the shots were played properly, but minimal noise was sporadic. Another lack of proved to be insufficiently explosive, lack of dynamism of the lower registers.

Positioning was good and it was easy to determine where the opponent was. I also did not experience any exaggerated positioning effect – it was natural. Sound effects such as gun fire or ambient noises were properly played. Effects of explosions, among others. The grants were deep enough and dynamic. Although there were occasional noise, but they did not affect the quality of the game more.

Despite some problems with sounds (such as unnatural sounds in some titles or poorly exposed explosions), the headphones work very well with games. Thanks to the subdued sound, especially the clarity of the sound, they focus on the gameplay.

The K830 BT GHS 1 earphones were average / good. This is mainly due to problems with the Bluetooth adapter used in this review. As far as games and movies are concerned, I have no objections, but in the listening tests, the noise has destroyed some of the quality. The phone dealt a lot better – there were no problems with the noise.

Plus, the new product is definitely a convenience to use. This includes both the headphone design itself and the addition of the function buttons on the left shells. In addition, the device has been duly made and has an interesting but classic design. Bluetooth headsets work well with a lot of phones and computers. I checked several different phone models from different manufacturers and did not come across any problems.