All About Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets are no longer an exclusive device. Their prices have dropped significantly. Only if such a cheap product will meet our expectations? Which type of device should you choose, what features should be equipped and how to connect it to the cell?

Why use a Bluetooth kit? The wireless headset is primarily used with a mobile phone for talking. Some models may also connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a computer or a PDA. Depending on the type of set we will use it to talk and listen to music. The Bluetooth headset with most of the cellphone will not be used to listen to the built-in FM radio. It is necessary to operate the headphone cable, which acts as an antenna.

The appearance of the Sony Ericsson HBH-PV712 can be adjusted to your liking with special colored overlays. What are the different types of Bluetooth headphones? Bluetooth sets can be divided into monaural (monaural) and stereo (stereo) devices. While the main purpose of the former are conversations, wireless stereo headphones can be successfully used to enjoy high quality music (A2DP profile). Some of them even have a display and buttons to control the player (they support the AVRCP profile).

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Most monaural sets are earbuds – good when they have a special headband (fixed or attached) for stable attachment on the ear. In this type of headphones, a variety of gel tips are available to suit the individual anatomy of the wearer’s ear. Stereo headphones look similar to their wired versions. Each set (mono and stereo) in addition to at least one speaker is equipped with a microphone. For a wireless connection to be made, there is a special, multi-tasking button on the handset that allows you to answer incoming and outgoing calls, and often also redial and launch voice dialing (if available). Most of the headphones are also equipped with two additional sound control buttons and LED indicator visually informing you of the condition of the handset.

The Jabra BT4010 uses a simple display instead of the typical LED indicator, which gives you basic information about the condition of the handset. How to power the Bluetooth headset? Headsets are powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. Usually it allows for several hours of conversation or for several days working in standby mode. Some models come with convenient desktop and car chargers.

What are the additional capabilities of the handset? Increasingly, the handset is equipped with DSPs and dual microphones, which, among other things, serve to eliminate negative echo effects and reduce noise and ambient sounds. This makes the speech more understandable and it is possible to comfortably talk in a noisy place. Sound quality also improves frequency shift (AFH) technology, which reduces the impact of interference from other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi. The autopar feature allows you to seamlessly and quickly connect the handset to Bluetooth devices. As standard, it comes with every new headset. Only in a few models we find Multipoint Connection technology, which allows simultaneous connection with two devices, for example by phone and PC. Some headphones also feature an automatic volume control that maintains the volume of all connections at the same level.

In addition to the answer and end call button, the Southwing SH305 features a speed dial key with a dialed number. See how to connect a Bluetooth headset to your cell.