Apple EarPods complete with Remote and Mic and Certified Refurbished

The Apple EarPods come in a dazzling white color along with a Remote and Mic. The product is light-weight and small in size with dimensions of 0.2 X 0.2 X 0.2 inches dimensions. It weighs 1.6 ounces. The remote that is fitted in it, helps to control the volume as well as adjust the music playback. You can also answer calls and end calls easily, with just a small movement on the cord. The Apple EarPods are known for their deep bass tones and rich sounds that emit perfectly clear sounds. The remote volume control and the mic are just right to suit the user, while enjoying music and spending some quality time alone or with friends. It can also be worn while travelling or while being occupied with some work, along with enjoying music. The Apple EarPods are certified refurbished which means that the used products are refurbished and certified saying that they would work with the same quality of a brand new product. The accessories that are ordered are also generic in nature. The certification is provided through approved sellers, specialized for such service through Amazon.

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Chief Characteristics

  • The product has been certified refurbished, to look like it is new. It comes with minimal wear, so much so, that such wear and tear is not visible. Specialized, approved sellers from Amazon, certify the product for its working condition. The product comes with a 90-day warranty. The product will usually be sent in generic brown boxes or in white boxes. The accessories that come with the product may also be generic as they are not direct products from the manufacturer.
  • The Apple EarPods come with enhanced Bass Response with good audio effect.
  • They are provided with sweatproof features and are resistant to water damage.
  • Can answer calls and end calls simultaneously.

Good Features

These are original EarPods from Apple but refurbished through Amazon. Hence the excellent qualities of Apple EarPods are still present. It can fit into the Life Proof case of iPhone without the adapter. The product quality is excellent, as Apple products generally are. The wear and tear is hardly visible and the certification of the product is approved by specialized experts from Amazon. You get quality products at a lower price. The volume control and the mic are generally sensitive in nature and hence, when they are refurbished, they work well to produce the original quality.

Bad Features

The Earbuds are not properly cleaned and this is a defect that has to be rectified.  Sometimes the headphones don’t have the original, rich bass audio effect with low frequency. Although certified, the products do not always function well, which impacts the clarity and the sound of the audio performance. The volume control is prone to default, while the mic is not of good quality too. The refurbishing is not up to the standards of the certification and disappoints the user. Everyone expects quality from good products and when such quality is at fault, it is a disappointment.

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