Beats Earbuds - 3 Top Wireless Headphones by Dr. Dre

Beats Earbuds

The Beats by Dr. Dre created to mainly focus on the Beats earbuds, headphones and also Beats wireless earbuds. In the starting period, the original products of this company were manufactured in partnership with the AV equipment company called Monster cable products. On august 1, 2014 the Apple Inc. took the control over the Beats by buying its maximum shares on the market.

Expectations of the customers

Most of the customers are expecting some basic features when buying the headphones. There 4 most popular expectations of the customers, which are listed below,

  • Is it possible to use the headphones predominantly with a phone or tablet?
  • Is it possible to use the headphones even in the noisy environment?
  • Is it possible to use the headphones while working out or active in sports?
  • Are the headphones are more fashion?
  • If I pay more, will I get more advanced headphones?

For all above questions, the customers expect positive answers from the Beats manufacturer. In addition to this, the customer also considers the wireless headphone models, which can be connected to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth rather than a wire connection.

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To satisfy all of these expectations of the customers the company released a serious of headphones with reasonable rates. Here are the top 3 beats earphones, which are having many advantages over all other headphones in the market. That are namely by Powerbeats3 Wireless, BeatsX, urBeats.

These earphones are available in the online market so that it can be easily available to the customers. And also all the 3 beats earphones are received more positive feedback from the users.

Top Beats Earbuds Comparison

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#1 Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

  • These headphones will be able to connect to the class 1 Bluetooth devices for the wireless test self-determination.
  • It will assure the stability of power up to 12 hours of a battery storage to power via multiple tests.
  • With a fast fuel input, even a 5 minute of charging will give you an up to 1-hour playback even the battery is low also.
  • The music hearing will be sweet.
  • This headphone is water resistance to handle different pieces of training.

  • Some of the users said that the quality of the Powerbeats3 is not good. They said that these headphones were damaged within two months from receiving it.
  • Sometimes these headphones are turned off and never turn on again. The red light indication on the earbuds won’t turn on while charging.

Powerbeats3 Wireless includes

Powerbeats3 Wireless, ear tips with four adjustable size options, carrying case, universal USB charging cable to connect the USB-A to USB Micro-B, Quick Start Guide of Beats Earbuds, Warranty card.

General Review about the Powerbeats3

Most of the customers using the Beats electronic are giving more positive reviews about this product. In general, it is difficult to find a Bluetooth headphones pair, which gives a good balance between sound quality, construction and reliability without breaking the bank.

The top company headphones like Jaybird X2, x3, Bose which has a higher cost compared to the wireless Beats may not stand of the performance of the Beats. These earphones will give a comfort and massive sound quality at a stand point. Here are some reasons which make you buy this product without having any doubt about the performance of this product.

  • Standing Battery life
  • Massive Sound quality
  • Overall fit body
  • Apple’s W1 chip construction
  • Bluetooth connection with devices
  • Low cost compare to other products

Standing Battery life

The Powerbeats3 Wireless are having a 5-minute fast charge option, which makes these earphones great to use with low battery level. These earbuds have a long-lasting battery up to 12 hours, which make them less burdensome.

Massive Sound quality

When listening to music the bass is important in a headset. The Powerbeats3 provides better bass effects compared to other products in the market. Customers said that they can hear the music by using these headphones on workouts and they listen to this music to dance with a heavy rely on bass effects.

Overall fit body

These ear buds will stay in place and maintain their seal through various exercise and run, where the other are not.

Apple’s W1 chip construction

This is one of the extra option given by the Apple Company to the Powerbeats3 Wireless. When you connect them to the phone, you can able to see the balance battery level on the right screen, which gives an extremely convenient way to know the battery level. In other words, these headphones can easily tell you the remaining battery level on your phone.

Low cost compares to other products

Most of the users of the Powerbeats3 said that this is great earphone with good price value. The Powerbeats3 is the best on the market with this cost value.

One of the users of the Powerbeats3 Wireless said that he just love the pair of this headphones. He said that in starting they might fit weirdly in his ears so that they hurt a little his ears for the first week of usage. But after some days the shape of his ears allow the Powerbeats3 Wireless to create a suction and becomes somewhat like in-ear buds.

Reviews from the users

The customers say that sound is pretty good. The bass effect of this headphone is punchy and thick, perfect for hip hop or house music. These headsets do a good job with the genres of heavy metal and oldies as well.

Customers say that the call quality on the Powerbeats3 Wireless is massively good and no compliments about this product. They suggest the users buy a Powerbeats3 Wireless without any doubt and recommend the readers to do not listen to the wireless Beats haters…

#2 BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

  • These headphones will be able to connect to the class 1 Bluetooth devices for the wireless test self-determination as like the Powerbeats3.
  • These earphones will stand on power up to 8 hours when you use it continuously.
  • With a fast fuel input, even a 5 minute of charging will give you an up to 2-hour playback even the battery is low also.
  • This earphone provides a remote talk option to take calls, control the music settings and to activate the Siri.
  • These ear buds will give quality on calling options controls.

  • The clarity level of music is little lacking when compared to the other earphones with a wired
  • These earphones are too long in length, and there are no adjustments available for the length.
  • The fast charging of the battery about 2 hours will reduce the performance of the earphones.

The BeatsX is one of the best Beats wireless earbuds.

Box includes

BeatsX, ear tips with four size options, removable and secure fit wingtips, pocket-sized carrying case to carry the earphones, lightning to USB-A charging cable for charging, Quick Start Guide for guiding the users, Warranty card.

Reviews from the users

Customers like to do a forward punchy bass the music calls, on the other hand, they prefer audio experience in neutral.

Because most of the other earphones are not standing on the battery for at least 4 hours. But the BeatsX earphone stay more than 8 hours. This is one of the reasons for buying a BeatsX that are based on the following categories

  • battery life,
  • good noise isolation,
  • the good audio quality,
  • good comfort for wearing earphones,
  • Operations and functionalities of BeatsX,
  • Build in qualities

Battery life

Battery life of the BeatsX is good around 8 hours. The company gives a 12+ hours power standing on the BeatsX with a smaller and compact design.

Good noise isolation

Using them in the open office you actually hear a lot of other people’s sounds, which can be annoying and distracting and comes under the block of the noise. But when use the BeatsX earphones then the outside noises are not reached to ours ears. This earphone has a great noise isolation power.

The good audio quality

The audio quality of the BeatsX is simply good. The customer said that these earphones won’t give an audio revelation for anyone. The BeatsX gives a music with following features,

  • Balance with decent to good mid,
  • In a decent high and lows,
  • With a good bass effect.

Particularly the classical music and hip hop music can be pretty good when hearing in this earphones. And also listening to the podcasts is good. That most of the time the wireless Bluetooth connectivity is not good. But in the BeatsX, it is not like that, these headphones give good connectives.

Good comfort for wearing

Many customer shares that the BeatsX gives a comfortable wearing experience over a long time.

The Beats company provides 3 various sizes and styles. So that you can choose the size he or needed, which is adapted for his ear size.

The operation and functionalities

The customers said that the operation moods and functionless of this BeatsX are simply great. These earphones can be easily paired with the iOS devices and every time the connecting and disconnecting are simple and fast. These earphones have a 3 button remote on the left side and in mic as well. These buttons are simply clicked and tactile.

Build in the quality

The cable of the earphone is very flexible but rigid. They are durable and sturdy for their size and weight. The back of the earphones is magnetically attached to each other so that it will not come off to the neck.

#3 urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone

  • This earphone is mainly designed for the musical lovers, who are not satisfied with the sound effects. The urBeats will give pure audio quality, with an ultra-lightweight and colorful package.
  • It has a metallic with radial etching on the housing, which adds high-end style to this earphones. While keeping these earphones it was incredibly durable. It has many colors from the matching earbuds and flexible cable down to the storage pouch. These all things makes the new urBeats as hottest product in the market

  • Cables
  • Some of the customers said that these headsets will last 2 months.
  • This earphone can connect to the devices by using the cables only. This earphone has no Bluetooth option to connect the devices.
  • There are many duplicate earbuds available on this name in the market, so customers’ needs more care when buying them. They have to check the prescription about the product before buying the earphone.

With a signed beats sound

The urBeats earphones having a customer designed drivers for pump out deep bass, soaring highs and ultra-clear midrange letting, which makes you hear what the singer was exactly feeling when they sing that music in the studio. This earphone block out the external noise for providing a clear music quality to the users.

The user can get the perfect fit for their ears with the urBeats sealed in-ear construction from the multiple ear tip designs.

Metallic grid-iron touch

The body of this earphone has a precision-machined and single-billet metal housing which helps in preventing the vibrations and avoiding the sounds which are ruining your listening experience.

It is upgraded model from all other headphones which are come along with the music player and smartphones.

More flexible cable

The user doesn’t want to worry about the flexibleness of the cables connected with the earphones. We can wind the cables up and keep it in cords and pockets. Because this earphone has ultra-flexible and tangle-free cables, which are available in all colors.

Reviews from the customers

urBeats are a very cheap to buy for connecting the more expensive devices.

There are no problems which occur when the earphones are connected via Bluetooth to the device. It was simple to connect the earphones to the devices by using the flexible and attractive cables.

These earphones give clean sound effects with a good base sound.

There is no problem with the charging option. It does not require to charge separately, it will use the power from the device storage when playing the music.

They offer good calling options on attending the calls and rejecting the calls by using the buttons on the earphone sound controller itself.

The urBeats are cheaper than all other company headsets in the market.

The most common issue that the customers said is the earbuds of the urBeats will damage quickie. It does not work well for even 2 months.

Some others said that the cable connection provided with this earphones are not qualified to use. Most of the times it will not work properly and sometimes only one side of the earphone is working other is not working.

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