10 Best Skullcandy Earbuds

The Skullcandy earbuds are really different which can give you the best look among the crowd. The earbuds are especially for those people, who really want to look different from others with the best quality product. The Skullcandy is really great for fashion lovers.

Quality and style is the first motto of this company that is the first priority of this era. Sounds and voice, everything comes with the unique style and the best design. The features, design and sound quality of the Skullcandy are really amazing for all the aspects.

The high and comfortable level of sounds with the noise isolation in approx all the models of Skullcandy headphones are the really great thing. The people can expect the best sound quality and elegant design at the reasonable price by this headphones.

Generally, in the low-cost headphones, the bass quality is slightly low but in the average and high-cost earphones, it is really amazing. There are so many Skullcandy earphones which come at an affordable price with the different style. At this time, it is really a hard job to find the best earbuds in the budget but this company can provide this.

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Here, are some best products of Skullcandy (wiki) with the expert’s review:

#1 Skullcandy Method Wireless

  • Best quality in the call as there is no any complain to sound hissing
  • The sound quality is really amazing than others in this price
  • The dual lock procedure in the neck is latest and comfort to wear it
  • The sweat proof experience is always important at the time of sports

  • The earplugs pattern is slightly typical to set it up in the ear
  • There is nothing like the management of cable which is most frustrated thing in any earphone
  • It is not like other headphones as that can hide between your dressing and jewelry, it will always shine in your neck which is not good for occasions

The recent time is the era of wireless and sports ear buds. The company is much familiar about the fashion and quality of this time what youth and fashion lover want. The Skullcandy wireless earbuds are really amazing for those who have sportsman spirit and if they need a high and motivational volume at the time of game without any prevention.

Features and design

It is light weighted with the powerful features and best battery backup. The headphones have the powerful battery which is able to provide you the best music experience up to nine hours constantly. The powerful Bluetooth range up to 33 feet makes this reliable in the large distance also.

Somewhere it is annoying too because it is very tight in the neck. Sometimes, it hurts in the ear but as a sports person, it is really important to give strength at the time of run and play. The sound technology, especially for the calling, is really good in this wireless earbuds.

Bluetooth range is approx 30ft which is not large but sufficient as it comes at the average price. So, all these things say that in the average price it is really great option for fashion lovers.

Durability and comfortable

Along with the best design and powerful features, it is durable as Skullcandy used the best flexible plastic in this headphones. The sweat-resistance makes this much reliable and sporty at all the time. The design is really comfortable at all the time. Infect, you can enjoy the music by this amazing earbuds at the time when you put the helmet.

Best controls

The controlling is the main thing to consider in the earbud. The Skullcandy Bluetooth earbuds have the best controlling system as you can control the music and call softly with this. The amazing technology in the collar lock with the dual process is enough to give the best grip on your ear.

#2 Skullcandy BOMBSHELL

  • The best quality in the sound as it is really great on calling
  • The amazing combination of design and colors
  • Light weighted and comfortable in the ear at the time of walking and dancing
  • One year of warranty. That’s really reliable for everybody

  • It is not wireless that can annoy you at the time of dancing
  • Sometimes, you can’t use this earbud at the time of typical sports as it is not sweat proof

It is a fact that girls and women always give the priority to the comfort more than men. At the time of dancing, running and working they always needed more reliability. The Bombshell for women earbuds and headphones are specially designed for women.

This model is really creative and unique as it is comfortable and powerful with the elegant design. It has everything in the cheap price like Mic and remote etc. The Skullcandy earbuds are the women earphone that’s why it comes with the best colors for women such as Floral, Burgundy and Rose gold etc

Comfortable and enjoyable

Skullcandy doesn’t compromise with the quality as it always gives the best design and wonderful features. In this headphones, the comfortability in the ears at the time of dancing with sweet and powerful sounds is really amazing. It is designed for the every moment of the women as they can use it in any situation easily that’s the most important thing to consider.

The size and shape of this earbud are perfect to carry and adjust but if you are not habitual of wire earphones then it is the little bit of annoying for you. As it comes in the low budget then people who demanded this are always got more than any other headphones in this price.

There is a claps case to keep this safe. It comes from the company either you buy this from the online store or offline.

So, if you are women and looking for the best earbuds then this earbuds can be the best earphone of yours especially for the time of dancing.

Three button

Generally, companies provide the only single button and sometimes even not that in this price but Skullcandy always prefer the best technology in their earbuds and earphone. You will get all three buttons in this headphones as other standard headphones, that’s really reliable thing as you will not be supposed to touch your phone to adjust the volume and take calls.

Pretty and stylish

It is really clean and pretty in the appearance. The best and elegant design and pure attractive colors combination make this truly awesome. So, it is really best design earphone for the women and girls.

#3 Skullcandy Method

  • Powerful sound with the bass and robust music
  • Elegant design and comfortable in the management of wires.
  • Sweat resistant technology that’s reliable especially in sports
  • Affordable and durable

  • It is doesn’t has volume control in its remote

The earbud is reliable at the time of training and sports. It has the great technology to keep your ear sweat proof at the time of working and game. The best design in the Skullcandy Method earbud is really provided the comfortability. It is really adjustable in all type of ears easily which is rare in the earphones.

The Skullcandy Method in-Ear sweat resistant sports earbuds come with the best sound quality and calling Mic. This is a great product for the people who do hard work in the Gym and track.

Best Sound and cable management

The best and clean sound is the first priority of the Skullcandy and they fulfilled that in this earbud also. The sound quality of the earphone is really amazing as it has the best bass, natural vocal, and warm music. The noise isolation makes this earbud more powerful and comfortable.

Generally, people especially sportsman are always been annoyed to manage the wire in the wired headphones. In this earbud, they provided the wire management with the special hook to manage this.So, you can enjoy the best sound quality without any prevention.

Always under control

The sticky tech technology is the best technology in the earphones which is really amazing to control the sweat as it absorbs more than 30{44525d09b54d63d0640f36f542f96eae395dfc95b7ea0f6bb173830596e28216} sweats which are really better than others. The sweat-proof technology really gives you the amazing experience at the time of working and running.

The shake proof technology as it doesn’t budge after the setup in the ear is reliable than other headphones.

Always clean and shining

The clean and elegant is the first step of fashion and they provide the pure clean ear gels in this earphone that always keep this clean and shining. The moisture and free from cleaning really makes this the best earbud in this price. So, the tongue free neat and clean cords and earbud always provide a decent look at all the time. 

Single button to control the Mic and music

The sweat proof remote with the 1-button system always provides the reliability to manage the music and calls. The single button control is much reliable at the time of workout and running. The Mic quality is really good as company always provide and they have maintained that quality in this model too.

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#4 Skullcandy XTPLYO

  • Life time manufacturer warranty that’s reliable for everybody.
  • Tripe lock system for best grip and comfortable experience
  • Triple key remote system
  • Sweat proof technology which is really amazing for the sports headphones
  • Used ear-gel to maintain this clean

  • It is wired that’s not choice for some sportsman

This is the most reliable earbud of the Skullcandy in the sports section as it has the best adjustment and Budge-proof technology and design after wear once in the ears. The earbud is really great for sports and running, it doesn’t mean that you are running, working and playing. It is always amazing at all the time as it is sweat proof.

This is always counted in the most secure earbud for sports as it has triple lock system in the neck with the best controlling system. The Skullcandy always prefer the technology and style with the reliability to their customers. So, they provided the lifetime manufacturer warranty service for this earphone.

Comfort and style

This era is the time of style and fashion but we can’t compromise with the comfort around the style and design. It is truly amazing in the style and much more comfortable at the time of sports and running. The triple lock and wire adjustment system really make this reliable.

The remote has three buttons to control the calls and music without the need to approach the mobile phone. This is sweat proof and comfortable in the ears which are really amazing combination. The combination of style, design, and technology really makes this the best earbud for the sports purposes.

The ambient ear gels make this neat and clean which is really important at the time of sports and game. The earbuds with the sweat-proof technology along and ear gels are really amazing at all the time on the track.

Lifetime manufacturer warranty

The product is durable and long life as a company provides lifetime manufacturer warranty on this product. This is really provided on specific products. The lifetime manufacturer warranty proofs that, it is durable. The manufacturer always preferred the best technology with the fashion or style. But the combination of durability and style is really amazing.

Value for money

This is supported in all the devices either it is iPhone or iPad. This is comfortable with other smartphones also. So, these all specifications like best sound quality and Mic system really makes this value for money.

The earphone comes with the latest technology as Skullcandy is the brand name that is famous for their technology and style. The brand warranty always gives the comfort experience without any tension.

#5 Skullcandy XTFREE

  • Distortion free sound with the heavy bass
  • Sweat proof and gel cleaner included
  • Best design for exercise and running purposes
  • Very comfortable in the ear as it has triple lock technology

  • The heavy bass is not for common purpose except exercise
  • It’s not purists but sculpted

These earbuds are really great in the style and tech. The wireless connectivity in the earphone is in trend at this time. The Skullcandy XT Free wireless headphone is really amazing as it gives the freedom from the cord. The short cable behind the neck is really amazing to provide the stress-free music experience.

The people especially young generation wants something different at this time. The company provides the best combination of style and technology in all the aspects. The headphone is totally designed as the sweat proof and no need to clean externally as gel clean technology using these headphones.

The XT free wireless Headphone is good at the time of running, gym and workout. There are some best futures as the triple lock on the ear and neck as well as remote features in this amazing headphone.

Elegant design

Although, they are a little bit expensive but it has the best design to provide the much reliability. The elegant design and best style is the rare combination of the best technology in this headphone. The various colors of this headphone provide the best experience of colors as it comes with green, red, blue and yellow.

The design is cool for exercise and other workout methods as it is sporty. The best design with the sweat control technology is really amazing.

Always in control

This headphone has three power control buttons. You can control the music, power, and call without touches the phone by this incredible headphone. The best in design and control makes the real combination of luxury headphone. The track navigation also provided in this headphone by the Skullcandy as they always give the priority to the technology.

Best battery backup

The best battery backup is the real thing which makes this special for the sports purposes. It can give you the nonstop six-hours of experience without any prevention. The battery backup is the first issue with the headphones and this headphone really keep you tension free about the battery.

Sounds and noise isolation

The sound quality is really amazing with the best bass boost up that can be called as the signature sound. The noise isolation control fulfilled all the requirement of sound with these all amazing features. The heavy bass really feels you motivated at the time of gym and running.

So, it gives everything that is needed for a sportsman. It can be used generally because of sweet and clean sound with the comfortable triple lock in the ear


  • The powerful bass with clear vocal and natural sounds
  • Light weighted with the rubber armor
  • Triple lock to wear with comfort
  • The one year of warranty

  • Heavy bass is not the choice of everybody

This is the best earbuds with the elegant design and best features. The performance and best quality of the headphones make this amazing. The technology and design really make this unique and awesome in all the aspects. The wireless connectivity makes this earbud amazing at the time of sports and running.

Creative design

The sleek and stylish appearance of this headphones is awesome. It provided the best look and comfort in all the aspects. The sleek design is first priority at this time. The Led light always makes this earbud stylish and creative. Design and comfortability design is the best combination at all the time.

The design is really creative as it has an armor of rubber that is removable to make this light weighted. The best thing is that it is really flexible as it can hide easily behind your neck that’s the best thing at all the time especially on the occasions.

The matching designed with your dress because it is sleek and comfortable. So, you don’t need to do any experiment to hide this as it is already slim and sleek.

Best in sound

It has the best quality bass sound with bound voice. It is really important to have the sound isolation with the best sound from the speaker and that requirement is always fulfilled in this amazing headphones.

The youngsters are really trying to find the best quality of bass at all the time. It can be the best choice for them. It has the best technology to maintain the sound isolation. Along with heavy bass, the sound is completely clear and vocal is natural that’s really challenging.

Best in battery backup

The battery backup is the real problem with the wireless earbuds. The Skullcandy Smokin buds are free from this problem as it has the 6 hours battery backup for nonstop best music experience. So, it can provide you the best music experience from morning to evening without any problem.

Comfort with fashion

The best line remote with off-axis technology makes this really comfortable. The noise isolation and triple lock system make this reliable to use at all the time. The sweat free and clean gel provide the feeling of luxury at all the time. The best and integrated music playback option in this headphones makes this completely amazing.

#7 Skullcandy INK'D WIRELESS

  • Best and elegant design
  • Light weighted
  • Best wireless earbuds in budget
  • The best combination of style and technology

  • The bass is slightly muffle
  • The natural sounds has lost sometimes when bass is on peak

The Skullcandy INK’d is the best earbuds. It can be used as professional and funky also. The best in design with all the famous colors with the best design is a really great combination. This brand always maintained their quality and style according to the demand of the public.

Elegant and comfort design

The elegant design with the professional and funky colors is the best thing to consider. The comfort design makes this earbud reliable in all the aspects. You can use this for sports, general and office purposes.

The best design with the amazing features makes this unique in comparison to others. The collar design is really creative as it lights weighted (24gms) to provide you an amazing look. The sleek and smooth surface of the earphone makes this amazing in all the aspects.

Music with bass

The sound is natural with the heavy bass. The sound is really amazing as it always isolates their sound to provide the best quality. The external equalizer maintained the sound and balance in the ratio. Sometimes, it is not much clear in the boom of bass at the certain point but overall it is fair.

Best in Mic

The call quality of the headphones is really awesome and cool as it has the best quality Mic in it. The controller of the call management is included in the headphones itself. The heavy bass is always obstacle on calling but in this headphones, it doesn’t make any obstacle.

So, it can be the first choice of headphones lovers who are talkative via wireless earbuds.

Battery backup is amazing

The battery backup is really amazing of this incredible earbuds. This is reliable enough on the long time trip or in the traveling also. The 8 hours of battery backup is sufficient to provide the best music experience without any prevention.

That’s really amazing to find the best battery backup with the better sound quality. The Skullcandy always prefer the best sound management with the amazing battery backup.

Always reliable in control

The controlling system is always reliable as usual in this model they provided the all external features in the remote like music controller and button for call management. It is quietly important to have a stress free music without touches to phone or Ipad.

#8 Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2

  • Best sound with natural bass
  • The Mic and controller is quite good
  • The flex collar can be remove

  • Headphones doesn’t come with charger except data cable
  • Not light weighted as it should be

The Skullcandy Smokin’ Bunds2 comes with the one year of warranty. The ear buds have the best combination of sound and design. It is really a perfect headphones in the average budget as it is good in performance, design, and comfort.


The design of this earbuds is really pretty and cool. The removable neckband makes this really beautiful and high-tech. The best and sleek design provides the best experience of hiding wireless earbuds as it is slim enough. The cable is adjustable on the left sided ear that’s a unique design.

The small cable is the best thing which is used in this headphones as people wants the stress free music without any prevention. So, they remove the big cable to provide the best experience of music.

Best controller system

The headphones have the best controller system at all the time. As it has three button controller design in the remote which allows you to control the call and music in the exercise even at the time of running also. The controller of this earbuds is really cool and reliable for all type of person as it is quite simple and powerful.

The bass sound

The sound quality is amazing as we can found non-other than this in this price. The bass with real and natural sounds provides the feeling of joy and motivation. The sound balance is really amazing in this headphones as it has the best DRIVER to control the sound factor.

The signature sound with the clear vocal is really amazing with the best style and unique design.

Overall, I can say that it is the power bass earbuds as it can bear the bass mix without any distortion at all the time. The music is the soul mate thing, that’s why it is much clear and ultimate in sound quality.

Best in battery backup

The best battery backup with the less charging time is the amazing thing of this earbud. It is able to give you the best experience of the music up to 6 hours without any prevention. The real music experience without stress can’t be possible without the best battery backup that’s on the first priority of the Skullcandy.

Overall, I can say that it is really a heavy bass ear buds with the best design and style in the average budget that’s really ultimate. The one year of warranty provides you the reliability in all the aspects.

#9 Skullcandy STRUM

  • It is more flexible and comfort earphone in the music appliances market.
  • Sound filters are very good with an ideal sound pitch.
  • Angled and hook shape gives a best and perfect fit.
  • Oval shape gives us best noise isolation.
  • Sound isolation minimizes the background noise.

  • It haves a big disadvantage is the audio control is on the left headphones while in most of the earphone audio and call controller position on the right.
  • Volume buttons are in shape of slides so some time volume increase too much or decrease sharply.

Skullcandy earphones are very good and comfortable earphone for those who enjoy or spend most of the time in public places. In this earphone, you feel fit and very smooth because ear buds are made of very soft rubber. If you want to avoid all the problems of a world then use skull candy headphones and feel you and your music only in the whole world.

Angled and hook shape of this earphone gives you a best and perfect fit. Sometimes we felt that our earphone’s wire are very rigid and within few days it will break so in this earphone you are free from this problem because it is too much flexible. You can enjoy with a musical world in a sleeping mode as well as in jogging.

Good looking

These earbuds are available in many colors but most popular and high rating earphone is Skullcandy’s black. Flexibility makes it more beautiful and popular.

It is a very light weight earphone with flexible wires. Total weight of this earphone is very low 0.6 ounces. So without any problem, you can enjoy it many hours.

Filtered sound

Now a day’s pollution is a big problem either air pollution or noise pollution. If your headphones are very noisy than the chances of a problem in hearing capacity are more but if you have a Skullcandy’s earphone than no need to think about it because the voice quality of this earphone is very best and filtered. It can automatically handle the sound of every playlist and gives a same amplitude and pitch on every track.

Music and call manager

It has a call and music manager or in another word a simple and light weight manager button available. With the help of this button, you can easily control the music and also adjust the volume of your call. Mic/remote and volume buttons give you a full control on music track with three buttons. Plus and minus buttons control the call and music volume.


The company gives highest warranty period as compare to all other earphone’s companies. Most of the companies give 3 and 6-month warranty while they gives 1-year warranty. On the basis of overall rating, we can say that it also give full customer satisfaction.

#10 Skullcandy Ink'd 2

  • The average and clear sound in low price
  • Lengthy cord
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

  • Not clear vocal on high sound
  • It’s not luxury

The Skullcandy Ink’d Earbud is wired and not probably best in the quality but you can get the average from this as it comes in the low budget approx $20. The cheap and light weighted plastic with the simple cords is really provided you limited as you want not just one thing more than that.


The design is classic even in the start of stylish earbuds. The matter used in this headphones is plastic and that’s not much more durable but it can be if you will be careful about this. The logo of skull candy design makes this earbud complete.

The single button remote to control the music and the management the call is provided in this headphones. The adjustment of the headphones in the ears is really not so luxury but it goes far after the short experience.

Sound quality

You can’t expect a lot with this earbuds as it is low budget. So, you should not demand the bass and other sounds in best quality but it is enough to provide you average and clear sound. The sound isolator is included in this earbuds as Skullcandy always provides this.

The best thing with this headphones is that it is made by Skullcandy. So, the noise cancellation is quite good which is reliable for the user. The small price but the average sound is quite better for Skullcandy lovers.

If you are going to listen to the song with the average volume then it is really good headphones for you in the low budget but it’s not too much better for bass lovers.

Lifetime manufacturer warranty

As this earbud is low budgeted but it comes from company family. So, users will take advantage of standard things as offer company always maintained their reputations. They offer lifetime manufacturer warranty for this earbuds.  It is really reliable for the people who are going to buy this.

Overall, it is better to buy this earbud rather than buy an earbud with the conflicted tag. This brand always do care about their customers. So, they are creative and stylish with the reputation in the market.

So, you can have the Skullcandy’s tag on your ear with this earbud in low budget. That’s a good deal for everybody as it comes with life time manufacturer warranty.

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The Skullcandy earbuds are really creative and stylish. It is not easy to find the quality and design in one place but they provides this in the same product. The best thing with these all products is reliability to the user.

The best technology and elegant design are the brand value of the Skullcandy and they maintained that characteristics perfectly. The best thing is that they always fulfilled the demand of young generation as they are stylish.

Skullcandy has all kind of products which means they have the product from low to high budget but they never compromise with the quality and style. Sometimes they lose their bass quality but the warranty and comfortability of the product always remain.

Technology and price

The Skullcandy is the earbud’s company which runs on their quality and design. The best combination of best sound quality and design is really hard to find in the same product. But they give more than this as they are fully familiar about the public demand. So, they always provide the best technology like sweat proof and gel cleaner in their headphones which is reliable and luxury for the users.

So, the product always comes with the best technology and reliability to use. They have specific products for specific purposes like special earbuds for sports etc.

The company is very sensitive about the the colors. So, they always launch the best and funky as well as professional colors in their earbuds. The sound quality with the best battery backup is the main reason of their big customer lobby. So, according to me, it is good to have all kinds of products with the best combination of style, design and technology at one place.