SoundSport Workout with Bose 761529-0020 Wireless Headphones

Bose 761529-0020 SoundSport brings a perfect balance between sound and volume with the aid of the Bose active EQ. This drowns out all external noise and you can remain in tune with your song. The wireless set comes with easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing. The voice prompts guide you when you switch between devices. The StayHear + tips uses the unique soft silicon material to give it a gentle feel, as it seals down into the ear to fit perfectly, which also has a good audio quality to help you relax with the music. As Bose 761529-0020 is specially designed for use during tough workouts, they are sweat and weather resistant, which is indeed a blessing, as the strain of the workouts makes sweat just ooze out of your body. The Lithium-ion battery works for about 6 hours, for every charge, to make it last for the entire workout. Stay in control of the situation when you change volumes, take calls, skip tracks or make voice commands. The Inline mic and the remote are very good at taking in commands. The dimensions of the product are 1 X 1.13 X 1.13 inches. The item weighs 0.81 ounces.

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Chief Characteristics

  • Have StayHear + tips that are comfortable when in use as they settle down well within the ear. It is made of a soft silicone material in a shape that is unique to its model and a perfect fit for the ear.
  • The Bluetooth pairs well with NFC which helps in connected to any of your devices making use of the wireless technology for connecting.
  • With good volume-optimization, the EQ balances the audio quality and the volume.
  • And Yes. The headphones are sweat-resistant and weather resistant which means you can use it even for vigorous workouts or when you are out jogging.
  • The battery life lasts for up to 6 hours for every charge and the batteries are made of Lithium-ion.

When you buy a box of SoundSport wireless headphones, you get the StayHear + tips to make the earbuds stay fittingly in the ear, along with a USB charging cable for easy recharge and a carry case to safe-guard your product while you are out travelling.. The good audio performance can be contributed to volume-optimized EQ. The StayHear + tips have been redesigned to suit the user with more stability and improved audio quality. The control mode is smooth and easy as you change the volume or the song or even when taking in calls. You don’t have to touch the device for any of these control operations.


There is a collar clip that can help the earphone to stay in position properly. You can use the collar clip to attach it one to your shirt. The range of the blue tooth is around 15 – 20 feet. The headphones are compatible to all android phones.


They are very comfortable to use for a longer duration. The earbuds do not completely seal out the ear, though they stay in place. If the misfit is too much, it tends to fall out of the ear.

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