Brainwavz Omega, ProAlpha I S0

Brainwavz Omega Brainwavz is a brand that has earned a good reputation for budget handsets and we have had the opportunity to test some of the cool models of this manufacturer, including the Delta, which boast of excellent value for money. However, the Chinese company decided to go one step further and introduce a cheaper Omega model to its offer – the question is whether it is still such a good product or whether the manufacturer has gone too far? Let’s find out …

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The device was packed in a virtually identical box as the Delty, which is made of thin plastic, which is rather not the best protection for the hidden inside of the equipment. In addition to the headphones, there are standard documents (warranty card and manual), a plastic clip to attach the cord, two additional sets of S and L ( Comply foam (in a fairly universal size M), providing slightly more comfort at the expense of insulation and velcro fastening the cord as it winds up. Brainwavz has already delivered us with a wealth of additional accessories for its headphones, and fortunately the Omega does not stand out in this respect from other models of this company – to the full happiness is only the case, but asking for it at this price is already exaggerated.

Even more impressive are the earphones themselves, because the Chinese have used a simple but eye-catching design here. We got a black version of the equipment for testing, but this one is also available in white and blue and red (though my eye is rather purple / burgundy). Particular attention should be made of metal (and steel in particular) round dome – it is worth noting that the sleeves are also protected with a metal mesh, so the entire structure of the body is presented not only elegantly, but also gives a very solid impression. These are also braided in the back of the rubber part with the manufacturer’s logo at the bottom, from which the cable is released, which is additionally secured (my only note on this item is the poorly visible headset R and L).

The Omega is equipped with a typical 1.2 m cable in a rubber braid, and to increase its service life, elastic reinforcements are used at points most exposed to excessive stress, so if we take proper care of the headphones, they should serve us for quite a long time. I only wish that the cord was not flat or made of a characteristic twisted pair of Brainwavz, which has a tendency to tangle. The minijack connector is obviously gold-plated, and there is also a distributor with adjustable heights. In addition to the right ear cord, some 15 cm below the dome, there is a microphone remote control, which has 3 buttons to control our smartphone or audio player. This module worked very well, but I feel that it could be placed a little lower, so using it would be more convenient. The microphone alone gives the sound of decent quality, which makes it possible to do well in the role if needed (without much trouble talking to the other person when we have our hands occupied, and his presence in the shelves is a plus. ).

Exact visual inspection of the individual components allows you to see certain shortcomings in the form of rubber gusset links, but this is a trivial matter that is often present also in the case of significantly more expensive products, and in no way influences the positive reception of the Omega headphones. In this respect, they pierce the Delta model, And even some of the more expensive Brainwavz proposals. However, it is important to remember that this is a typical budget product, so do not expect too much piety or waterfowl here, and from experience I know also that in the case of this manufacturer’s products a lot depends on a particular copy and can hit the better or worse art.

We also can not afford to use comfort because the small housing of the transducers makes the earphones very well in the ear, especially in combination with Comply foam. If you prefer an eraser, then the dimensions in the set allow you to fit something for yourself, and very helpful also turns out the plastic clip that keeps the cable under control.

Let’s move on to the most important issue, the sound of these handsets, which will allow us to determine the cost-effectiveness of this product against other Brainwavz models. Let’s start with the fact that the earphones are characterized by the popular V-Type signature. Low tones, strong and point-to-point let us know each other, sometimes to the point of drowning the sapphires and the diameter, but in spite of the low sound they are mostly kept in check Too much – it’s definitely one of the biggest advantages of the Omega model. The midrange bands are slightly retracted and flat, but still I was impressed by the vocals that are not covered by the rest of the band. Soprans are the weakest side of the headphones, because they definitely lack control and can clearly “whirr”, and prickly sharp metallic sound makes the long term may be tiring. Fortunately, setting up Comply Foams clearly improves the sound quality and some of these problems, so I recommend you use them (and of course, warm up the equipment before use).

As for the stage, as you might expect it is not too big and it is lacking in air because the separation between the sounds is not the best and the headphones too directly attack the receiver. And how easily can we catch their faults, firing numbers in the style of Riders on the Storm of The Doors, where in the background can hear the rain, the vocal effect is echo, and the whole is characterized by different sounds in different frequencies, so with less varied species filled The strong bass of the headphones are doing really well.

In conclusion, Brainwavz has succeeded in providing yet another interesting model that is aimed at low-end consumers who are looking for cheap handsets that will replace them with the phone or provide better sound quality than the cheapest, unbranded designs available in supermarkets. So if you are looking for something at a similar price, then Omega can be a hit.