Corsair HS1A Gaming Headset

Corsair is a company I know primarily for producing RAM and power supplies. Their offer, however, is constantly increasing, because in my hands came a product quite unusual for this manufacturer. They decided to step into the market for headphones dedicated to gamers and the HS1A Gaming Headset I had the opportunity to test. Who knows Corsair does not plan to introduce special mice or other peripherals. Meanwhile, I encourage you to read the following review.

The color of the headset is not surprising, black is predominant with some fine silver inserts. They are presented solidly and solidly. Large earmuffs with a closed ring around the ear, cover equally large 50mm drivers. Also, the headband is thick, and it is covered with soft material (probably sponge), covered with synthetic leather.

Connecting the earbuds with the headband is not so much built with metal elements, and that is a testament to the quality of the workmanship. In addition, each coupling includes a head that allows the movement of the earpieces around the two axes – Y and Z, in the range of about 90 degrees. Useful feature, such as when the headphones will be hidden in the backpack.

The headband also has a graduated adjustment that works with clear resistance and pitch. I have the impression that the resistance is too great, but we will not make adjustments every day.

Although the microphone headband looks completely rigid, it has a rubberized elastic body that can be adjusted to its tilt angle.

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As for the material from which the ear muffs are made, the manufacturer gives us the choice between microfiber and synthetic leather. It was nice of him, personally I chose the microfiber, it seemed to me more pleasant to the touch and more comfortable.

Since I’ve talked about the use of the service … It is a great oversight for me to say that there is a lack of some soft material inside the handset (on the speaker). There is a hard material with which my earlobe is kept in contact, and sometimes it can be seen in less than an hour when the bites are bad. For the first moments of use, the headphones look very comfortable, over time become tiring and although you can get used to it (but the pain still occurs), something soft in the middle.

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In addition, the headphones have a very good isolation of ambient sounds, which can be considered as a plus (when the neighbor starts to mow the grass) or as a negative (when someone from another room calls us).

The cord in nylon braid is long enough (3 meters) that we should not have problems attaching them to a computer, regardless of our desk. At a distance of just over a meter from the headphones is a remote control with a volume control and a microphone switch. The remote control of the headset is a plus, as it can easily lie on the desk and we do not have to look for it on the cable.

Generally everything would be great, would have been a well done and constructed headphones, if not the problem of aching ear appearing after some time.

Link to technical specifications.


Headphones were attached to the Creative Sounblaster Audigy SE. I have been evaluating the quality of the sound after a few days of “soaking”.

Let’s start with music. The first thing that popped into the ears after they were set up was a very prominent middle and upper band with a heavily embedded low segment. The middle and high tones are reflected in great detail, easy to hear and understand the vocalist. Unfortunately, this configuration in the long run with a slightly louder listening is tiring.

While in some songs very nicely exposed electric guitar, in some cases the excess of this band sounds very nasty, stingy and even artificially. Very often, the vocal sound is nonsense, it is devoid of life.

On the plus side, it is worth analyzing and stereophony, it is quite easy to separate one instrument from another.

Also, as I mentioned, the bass is subdued and many of the songs are just not enough. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Californication is almost completely devoid of a bass guitar and you have to chop off the force. Percussion foot also lack of expression, and some guitar riffs lack “gravity”, they sound too high. In club music or hip-hop, there is no essential, crumbling bass.

Obviously, and to such sound characteristics will get used to, but I do not recommend these headphones to the lovers of good sound.

The matter in the movies is very similar. The average tones allow you to listen to the dialogue, and any footsteps, locked doors or strokes can pass our head through. Unfortunately, at the moment of explosions or explosions, we will not be able to warm up the atmosphere of the bass. You will also hear good analyticality and sound placement.

Unfortunately, it was hard for them to watch the entire movie because of the earache that was emerging.

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And now the matter for many of the most important, namely – how they deal in games. I will start by reviewing the so-called eye. Sunday, “single player” player. I played at WRC 2010, Homefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops. In each of them mode for single player. Impressions? Positive, in the rajdce we will always hear the voice of the pilot, and in the shootings all the aura of the fighting is poured into our ears. And this laconic description will end the test of the game in single player mode, because I play the headphones or columns, it does not matter to me almost nothing.

However, what is very important for every player through the big ‘G’ is the multiplayer game. On this plane, I am primarily associated with one title: Call of Duty 4. I also add that they do not play me “pubic” (unless with the promodem), so the main test platform was clan matches. It is during these times that we can appreciate the quality of our handsets because they often depend on the outcome of the game and at least the round.

How did I play these handsets? Pretty well, in the vast majority of cases I was able to determine where the opponent is, whether he had just jumped, how he was going, in which direction, etc. There were also situations in which the information was somewhat misleading. Once I thought the opponent is a few meters ahead of me, meanwhile he was much farther behind the huge building. Another time I was convinced he was running in front of me and he ran in my back. Sometimes, even though I heard the direction well, I was not able to pinpoint where the source was. Such situations rarely occur on my headphones 5.1.

Well, but I have to add that many times they allowed me to exterminate my opponents, whether in the case of “shot with a shot” like on a wallhack, whether it was starting to shoot in the window / door as the enemy appeared in them. Sometimes, even with hearing, I was able to let go of a severely injuring Kalashnikov’s series through the wall. Such situations repeated several times during the match even caused one or two to be thrown out of the server.

Here, medium tones played a significant role. Their proper distinction makes us more accurately hear each step, stepping or reloading weapons made by other players.

Equally important to the player is the microphone. Used here is very good quality, was positively evaluated by team speaks. Thanks to the fact that the microphone is directional, all I hear is my voice, without unnecessary ambient sounds.

How can I summarize it? A real dilemma, on the one hand, quite well in games, on the other hand are poorly suited for listening to music. There is also a problem of low comfort, although in Diego_90 review we can read something completely different. Other pluses are a good microphone, sound insulation, long cable.