Cult of Brand Unitra Returns To Market

If you ask people about a brand of hardware that has positive affection, certainly one of the most commonly quoted companies would be Unitra. Today the brand returned to the market and introduced its new products to the stores.

Going to the welcome press conference of Unitry, I wondered what I would see there. On the one hand I expected new speakers, speakers, amplifiers and headphones; On the other hand, I was afraid that brand owners would want to conquer the Chinese-imported smartphone branded with a cult brand logo.

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It turned out that the truth lies in the middle, and Unitra – though not leaving the production of audio equipment – now knows the prevailing trends and knows that the market revolves around smartphones and tablets. That’s why the main product of Unitra in the new release is the headphones that will appeal not only to brand fans, but also to people who know her only from the story.

The top model of the headset is SN-50, a replica of the SN-50 model manufactured by Tonsila, part of the Unitra group. It features a distinctive headband consisting of plastic and several pieces of wire. The product presents itself nicely and perfectly fits into the trendy vintage style nowadays. Of course, this model has in several ways improved against the original.

It uses better quality materials to make the earphones more comfortable. In addition, the braided cable was changed from plastic to rags and shortened from 5 meters to 1.2 meters to fit modern equipment.

Other models of headphones are no longer replicas, and new products. SN means headphones and SD in-ear. These are standard, not-distinctive looks, but nice handsets. The only other slightly interesting model is the SD-20, whose housing is made of wood. The cost is not excessive, but according to representatives of Unitra, it does not prove bad about their quality. They have waited for their best equipment in their chosen price categories. For the time being I can not verify the truth of this thesis.

The second category of products presented by Unitra are handles for TVs with names …: Andrzej, Kazimierz, Roman, Ryszard, Stanislaw, Waclaw and Zdzislaw. All come from characters from movies and series created in the previous regime. The manufacturer has once again claimed that these are some of the best or best handles in the world.

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This is due to the cut of a single handle from the same sheet of high thickness sheet. As TV handles are not the most interesting product yet, we will move on to the company’s flagship product.

He decided to reactivate the concept of tube amplifiers, which are no longer widely used today. By finding the right suppliers for parts from Czechoslovakia Czech Republic and Slovakia, he managed to make his dream come true. This product has been ready for two years, since then waited for rebranding and change appearance.

His name came from Edward Gierek, who gave us a bit of luxury, which in turn we had to pay back then. Unitry tube amplifier has a lot to do with it, because it’s certainly a luxury device and some people will have to pay for it to buy it. A lot.

But what I liked most about Unitra was her politics.
More attentive people next to him will also notice the words “Made in China”.

A similar treatment applies to Apple, which has the “Designed in California” inscription on its iPhones.

Few remember this, but Unitra, as the name implies, has emerged as a state-owned enterprise, which is the most industrialized enterprise in the electronics industry, with a very delicate word that is about to happen in much the same way as democracy to democracy.

All the businesses were simply torn out to the owners and merged into Unitra. The current Unitra wants to operate somewhat more peacefully and invite willing companies to produce equipment under the brand name with them. I learned today that the first talks are underway, which will result in the creation of columns branded Unitra.

Unitra in a new way in a very skilful way tries to convince older and younger potential customers.

The first part of the customers is to nostalgia for the product of their youth, and the younger the fashionable presentation of the brand. Unitra perfectly understands that the most prospective client is the young one and that is what he needs to do.

Therefore, he does not intend to broadcast his ads on television and other mediums, but rather instead actively promotes himself on the Internet and on social networks. In addition, Unitry’s products will be available in the Media Markt and Saturn stores as well as music and other events devoted to the previous system.

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Of course, this is not all the information presented at the press conference lasting more than two hours.

Suffice it to see that Unitra is not trying to come back to market and sell us cheap crap. The system changed, the market conditions changed and Unitra also changed.