Headphone Test For Players And Not Only

Winter behind the windows, and SteelSeries, as if irritating us, launches the handset with almost iced name. But you do not need to be discouraged right away, because there is nothing to do. After all, the brand new Arctis series, which also includes models numbered 3 and 7, welcomes us warmly.

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SteelSeries creators want not only our favorite shooter sound, but they also want to give us a device that comfortably surrounds our ears, both at home and in the lively music. Even visually, SteelSeries Arctis 5 has been designed to inspire our sympathy. To the extent that from the entrance I was eager to get to know SteelSeries Arctis 5 closer, make friends with them and spend time together full of emotions.

All right, all right, these tender words. The SteelSeries Arctis 5 is surprisingly easy to come by, but the hardware market is not about socializing flirt. Closer to him in the poker room, and because I want to cool down, I say: I check!

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 was tested by us, but in the same series there are two models marked with numbers 3 and 7. They do not differ in sound quality but the number of add-ons. The “triple” is not RGB backlighting, and instead of the “seventh” the wireless function is added instead.

Individualism on the head
Some argue that Marilyn Monroe owes her fame to Rita Hayworth. The first is a nice “girl from the neighborhood”, the other is the icy femme fatale. It seems that this contrast was supposed to work in favor of emanating mundane sex appeal blondes.

Similar to SteelSeries Arctis 5 headphones. Against the backdrop of the huge, futuristic looking beasts that make up a lot of gaming accessories, the Arctic headphones are presented simply and simply. But not in the negative sense of these words.

I just thought of this look in the context of the SteelSeries Arctis 5 promises. They assured me that it was a handset that allowed players to express their personality. Yeah – I thought – as if I had never heard such assurances in the world of gaming hardware.

But this time, to my amazement, it even agrees! And that’s because of … the goggle strap!

As long as the shells do not have any decorations, and the headband is nothing more than a headband, the headband that fits the headset (that is, just the strip of ski goggles), is an interesting pattern.

In the version I tested, it was a white zigzag on a black background, but you can buy many more variations of this ski accent (unfortunately, quite expensive). In addition, each user can also design a patterned piece of material in their own way.

In fact, the use of this goggle strap is an interesting procedure. The material has some flexibility, so it really fits well into the shape of the skull and firmly holds the headphones on. Personally it was a very convenient solution for me.

I believe, however, that people who need more or more frequent adjustments (for example, when they share earphones with siblings – o, horrible!) May be irritated by the constant detachment of the Velcro and estimation of “eye” of the appropriate length. For them goglowy idea will be a big disadvantage.

However, the possibilities of personalization are not limited to the ski bar. The small brick also features an RGB backlight, which is relatively delicate, but stylishly fits together. With software, we can, of course, choose the most suitable color – separately for left and right shells. There are also effects of backlighting, that is cyclical color change and the type of constant illumination.

For me, the SteelSeries Arctis 5 is an undisputed plus of this set. These are headphones that are not impressed with the imitation of pieces of the Stormtrooper’s armor or other Transformers hull, but instead have subtle elegance. Tasteful tastes, but this kind of design speaks to me a hundred percent.

Acoustic comfort
What’s with these Arctis? Is this equipment for penguins or Inuit? No, no, none of these things. Perhaps the polar name is a reference to the Siberian model of the same company.

Although I suspect rather that it is about the ability to keep our ears at optimum temperature. And indeed, SteelSeries Arctis 5 performs this role very well. What is more, the creator’s comfort is not just about “cooling”.

Throughout the use of this kit, I almost never felt the need to fix a headband or shells that kept snuggling against my head comfortably. The material itself, which was covered with sponges, also seemed to me very pleasant to the touch and – according to the manufacturer’s announcement – in principle did not coincide with it.

So if I talk about comfort, then I do not have the slightest objection to her. I have been in the SteelSeries for many hours, and I never once thought: God, I would like to take off this system! What’s not? On the contrary – I would rather forget that I have such a kit on my head, especially since it is also quite light.

Well, comfort, comfort, but for what even the most comfortable headphones, when the sound quality resembles the speaker of the twenty-year-old tamagotchi? I immediately point out that SteelSeries Arctis is not the case at all. Nay! I was very positively surprised.

My favorite games got a powerful acoustic “kick”. And here I am not referring to the purely conquered bass, which sometimes tries to mask the imperfections of audio equipment, but the extra depth that SteelSeries Arctis extracted from well-known titles.

However, it should be noted clearly that this is a set designed primarily for players. Yes, the film will also be able to watch with his help, but with the music is already worse. Not quite bad, but worse yet.

What does not change is the fact that you can use these handsets successfully when you want to hear something on the way to work. That should not be a problem. Any other detailed analysis of Mahler’s “fifth”, but – once again – is a headset primarily for gamers.