Headphone Test For Players

Rotor helicopter whistle. So the adventure begins with the Razer ManO’War. Simple sound configuration and helicopter sounds. And this first experience, though quite a little sophisticated, can be a pleasant surprise. But let’s start from the beginning!

Razer is known for producing high-end hardware, and I can not say that anybody – even skeptical about the creators of the three snakes – has gone indifferently to the headset of this brand. Especially since it’s not the first two sponge paddle, but a sophisticated tool for the “growl” scavengers.

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The Razer ManO’War’s wireless model is an inherent companion to every FPS fan. Well, yes, but are the promises made by the manufacturer covered in fact and is it really hardware mainly for shooter admirers? It’s high time to check!

Slide, slide and fight!
Green-black box, inside the note to the user … In short, Razer full mouth! Simplicity, but this kind of elegant. And, interestingly, similarly with the same headphones.

At first glance it’s nothing special. Here, very simple shapes, here and there something shines, here again a bit dull, but beyond this … Hm, the man would expect on the set of this quality that it will be characterized by sophisticated design and all sorts of additives .. Meanwhile we get a product, Which is as simple and stylish as the Nawalki shirt, and at the same time robust, like Kim Kardashian’s bra.

Two black symmetrical shells combine a thick plastic headband with a big “RAZER” inscription. In addition, we will find only the switch, two knobs, the USB input and the storage compartment on the USB transmitter (the one that when using Razer ManO’War we have to connect to the computer or the console).

Ah, and there is still such a small shell on the left … It looks at least mysteriously and intriguingly. Is it some kind of antenna or technological pimple? Okay, do not blow that balloon too hard and let’s just say it out loud: it’s a microphone.

However, it is interesting to note that it lies hidden within the shells. When we want to use it, we simply pull the protruding tip and then the remaining part of it, which is additionally made of flexible plastic. In addition, the tip of the microphone itself burns red when it is damp, which can effectively protect us from falling into the ether.

It is worth noting that the set includes not only a regular USB cable necessary to charge Razer ManO’War, but also something a’la docking station, which further extends by two meters the range of use of the headset.

This is a headset showing three snakes. Or rather, you can tell it as soon as you pull out of the box, because there is one more element of appearance that we will see only after turning on the device …

Technical Specifications:
Shining shells

You can already guess that the element that I was trying to flaunt your curiosity is nothing but two Razer logos placed on both shells and illuminated in RGB technology. Well, here comes the classic doubt, which I shortly summed up: who is it lit?

Of course, the RGB backlight is slowly becoming a symbol of prestige, and it’s becoming a standard now. However, there is a constant question of why anyone would have to work all 16 million colors, since in the case of headphones they would hardly ever see them.

And the backlight options here are not missing! Apart from choosing the color, we can decide whether it has to steadily illuminate the handset or whether it will once disappear. Or maybe just pick rainbow color? No, it’s probably better to bet on one color.