BE Headwear This Bluetooth Headset With Headphones

BE Headwear is a handset that plays a bit too quietly. Their sound quality is not the best. However, over the past weeks, I have used them the most. This is due to their very interesting form.

The headphones used by me were hidden in a woolen winter cap. In a piece of clothing without which you can not move out of the house right now.

Many people like this gadget may seem superfluous. In the end, you can use any headphones and apply a cap on them. I absolutely agree with them. However, cable headsets tend to get caught up in other clothing items. And typical Bluetooth headphones hidden beneath the cap often stick out of it and look weird. For economical people, I recommend wearing standard earphones or ear cushions. However, if someone more than the quality of the sound appreciate a non-invasive form, may be interested in this gadget.

How does it look?
BE Headware is a typical winter cap that does not stand out among other headwear. In my opinion it is not particularly nice. Fortunately the manufacturer is trying to hit different tastes and the offer has a variety of caps with built-in headphones.

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The only distinguishing feature of this cap is the small leather square on which the pause buttons are located, as well as the playback of the previous and next track. There is no way to know at first glance that the cap also acts as a headset.

Although the cap is equipped with headphones, it can be washed freely. However, before doing so, remove the earphones from the woolen casing. Otherwise they will be destroyed. It is possible to suspect after the presence of an unsecured microUSB port, which acts as a charging socket.

How BE Headware game?
Correct. The vocal is palpable, there is no way to complain about high tones. I did not like the weak bass and the fact that the headphones played a bit too cold. The sound does not feel like it surrounds us. It is not exceptionally good, but it is not bad either.

Unfortunately, the volume of tested equipment is problematic. While headphones work well in the woods or in less crowded areas, they are completely drowned while being transported by public transport. This defect is due to the fact that these rather silent headphones are separated from the ear by a layer of thick material.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides about 9 hours of continuous listening. This is a satisfying result. With my listening mode this translates into the need to load the cap once a week. The charging time of BE Headwear is very short and it takes less than an hour.

How do I rate BE Headwear?
This is an interesting gadget I use with pleasure. Due to the form of warm caps, these are my favorite earphones for the winter season. Remember, however, that I am writing this from the perspective of the person who received this gadget for free. This is a perfect gift for the gadget. I am convinced that many fans of modern solutions would like to have such a cap, but will not choose to buy it only through savings and for common sense.