HiFo Bluetooth Earphones

Designed to please those who are active sportsmen is the Hifo HeartBeart Sports 101 bluetooth headphones. It is built with the aim of providing sportsmen with a good music playing Bluetooth which will also be able to aid them with other health gauging functions and information. It includes GPS trail tracking, map, pedometer and heart rate monitoring. Moreover, the design is also very lightweight and flexible, allowing the earphones to fit well around the ear in a comfortable manner, paving way for extended use. The addition of sweat-proof capability will ensure that your physical workout does not affect your Bluetooth in any manner. The Bluetooth sets the standard high with its mind blowing sound quality and outstanding music performance. It is also said to be compatible with iOS and Android systems alike and comes with CVC6.0 Intelligent Noise Cancellation, CSR Bluetooth Chip and 5-Band Equalizer. Together they will make up an outstanding Bluetooth device which you can use.

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Features of the Bluetooth Head Set

Sweatproof: The Bluetooth is build especially for sportsmen and hence the ability to withstand sweat is a must. The additional aspect of lightweight and extended comfort will add to making them the perfect fit for active sports members.

Comfortable Fit: In order to ensure comfort and stability, the design of the Bluetooth is so well-planned and well-laid out that you will not feel the Bluetooth on your ears when you are using the Bluetooth head set.

Battery Status: The battery is made of typical lithium ion and lasts long. It provides a good standby time and also provides reasonable music and call time when charged fully for up to 3 hours.

Heart Rate Monitoring: G-Sensors and Built-in Biometric will provide the user the ability to monitor the rate at which the heart beats along with Pedometer. In order for this facility to function, you should use the Sports App.

Sports App: This is an app that you will be able to find in the Play Store or the Apply Store. This app has been created to provide GPS Tracking and Real-time Map. It also performs as a pedometer and will automatically Synch your offline activities.

This set of Bluetooth device has provided justice to the name ‘Highest In, First Out’. Serving as one of the best known brands in the industry, you will be amazing with the quality of work and effort put into making this product a huge success.

Pros of the Bluetooth Device:

  • Ability to withstand sweat because of its sweat-proof nature.
  • Fits well for any type of ear.
  • Heart-rate monitoring and other activities that come with the sports app is an added pluss.

Cons of the Bluetooth Device:

  • There might be a bit of a delay in sound delivery.
  • It is difficult to identify when the product is on or off as the charging light is difficult to catch a view of.

If you are a fan of listening to music on the go, you should check it out.

Price & reviews on Amazon.com