Jabra Halo Smart Test – Wireless Earphones

With the launch of the iPhone 7, the AirPods have come to market, and they have not had much of a warm welcome from the industry – many have had a lot of design issues, but they were just as afraid of losing their pair.

The solution to both problems can be new Jabra headphones. Halo Smart is also a Bluetooth wireless headset, though designed to make sure we do not get lost on the first occasion. And they work with any smartphone and a device equipped with Bluetooth.

Appearance, design, elastic headband
We owe it to the construction of many handsets for active people – the headphones are connected to a very light headband around the neck. In the event of a possible fall of the earphone, we are sure that they will not fall on the ground and simply hang on the cable attached to the headband. The whole construction is very light and definitely does not tire the neck – but the situation is different with the adherence to our body.

Perhaps it was just my personal problem, but despite adjusting the sides of the headband I could feel the clearance between the whole structure and my neck. As long as the sides of the headband are adjustable and we can bend them so much backwards, and inaccurate adhesion is also manifested in not quite comfortable wearing, because it’s just plain plastic. There would be some rubber padding inside the headband that would help to reduce the effect slightly. The set includes three sets of earbuds of different sizes, of course – this allows them to fit into the pinstripes and, when selecting the appropriate pads, you have to admit that the earphones are really pretty. not bad. It seems, however, that there should be a slightly larger eraser in the set – thanks to that the comfort of use (at least in my case) will certainly increase even more.

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Jabra Halo Smart Specifications Battery, charging, working time, usage
Charging the headphones is via the included USB cable – the power socket is located on the back of the headband and hidden using a special cover. Thanks to this, it does not stand out from the whole structure. However, we will not use it too often – with just a few hours of daily use of headphones (both for conversation and listening to music), charging this headset will be necessary only every 3-4 days. So the manufacturer’s information is confirmed, according to which the power in the earphones will be enough for us about 17 hours of use. This is a very good result for wireless headphones. The use of headphones does not cause any problems – buttons for volume control and voice assistant activation are placed on the headband. For Siri or Google Now, just one click. Interesting patent involves the use of magnets placed in the headphones. Connecting the headset causes the call to be disconnected, while the opposite effect is reversed. This is a rather unlikely solution, because wearing the hanging headphones is not very comfortable. It is also worth mentioning about the vibrations that appear on the headband when someone tries to call us – it’s a cool bajer, although the vibration force is not too great.

Quality of calls and music
Connectivity to your smartphone or other device with Bluetooth is very simple and does not have to be problematic. The connection is not disturbed and interrupted, and the headset allows you to use Siri or Google Now support, which is a voice assistant for Android and iOS operating systems, and you have to admit that this collaboration is exemplary. With Google Now, you can access many of the basic features in your phone with one touch, and we even read SMS or social network notifications. In this respect, the Jabra Halo Smart headphones can not be beaten. The tested headphones are perfect for voice calls – it’s a headset that works really well for this purpose. This is especially true of the built-in microphone, which is unbearable winds and bad weather, such as rain. Considering that the autumn season is a great step, the cleanliness of the voice is very important, as the Jabra Halo Smart is sure to offer. The conversation itself is also quite comfortable, and while the sound suppression is not at the highest level, the volume and clarity of the sound is at the right level. The Jabra Halo Smart headphones are also pretty good for listening to music in one go – if you need it. Strong, clear bass, you will not find it in this model. Strong and low strokes are, in many cases, a bit flat, which obviously works in favor of much calmer rhythms or rock music. For expressive hip-hop or dance tracks this set is not necessarily suited.

Great headset for conversations and music
Jabra Halo Smart is definitely a great headset for talking. The wind and weatherproof microphone allows you to talk and work anywhere. Perfect solution for people on the go, moving around the city and needing a comfortable headset to talk. They are good for listening to lighter music and maybe for listening to audiobooks. Light sports activities or daily chores are much better done in the rhythm of your favorite music. And even better, when we have the freedom of wireless headphones. Which are the occasion with the headset to answer the call.

These headphones will not work in all sorts of dynamic physical activity. Running in them is not very comfortable, and the risk of falling out of the ear is quite large. If this is the main reason why you opt for wireless headphones, it’s probably better to wait for the Jabra Elite Sport, which should be available from November.

It is also worth mentioning the special Jabra Assist app available on Android and iOS, thanks to which we can control the approximate level of charging the headphones or locate them in the event of a loss.Can Jabra Halo Smart and alternative

Jabra Halo Smart headphones are about half the price of similar wireless solutions. I think the person interested in a good quality headset that works impressively long and allows you to listen to music in decent quality, is ready for such expenditure. Summary Halo Smart Jar is a very stylish and functional headset – conducting conversations through them is a real pleasure and a sure-fire dialogue. It will be uninterrupted, and support for voice assistants will often be useful when working with your smartphone. You also can not underestimate the durable battery, so charging will not be a nasty, everyday duty. Audiofiles looking for unique listening experiences, much more dynamic, should turn to other sets. If you expect quality talk and convenience, then Jabra Halo Smart is for you.