Koss Porta Pro

Headphone search continues. “Ugly Duckling”, because such a term fits me, and why?

At first I was rather negative towards them. Appearance associated with fatal headphones from the time of Kate. It was a walkman of the preceding epoch, which resembled a CD ROM pulled out of a computer, devoured four fingers in 45 minutes, and to scroll the cassette more fit a pencil. Also, I did not comfort the meager content of the package, except from the headphones I took only a 6.4mm jack adapter and a bag of folded Koss. Pretty cheap for such a brand and I was afraid that I came across another cheap model of a famous manufacturer. In addition, the shorts – 1.2 m – soft cord and sponge. So Porta Pro lost some valuable points at the start, and all thanks to the first impression. However, I am convinced that this old-fashioned design will meet with a great number of supporters and opponents, so I will leave it as a controversial one, and I will describe in more detail the look, functionality and ergonomics of the Porta Pro Koss. You can also check out Samsung earbuds here.

Porta Pro is a lightweight (60g), great headphones, portable headphones. With such a small weight it is easy to forget about their existence, and the convenience of wearing is based on a few simple and effective patents. First: Comfort Zone, the ability to adjust the tilt of the earmuffs themselves. The three-step setting from Light to Firm allows you to tilt the earbuds and reduce the pressure on your ears.

In the ‘Firm’ position, the earphones stick to the ear canal almost perfectly, and two jumps to the Light position will push them, literally a few degrees from the ear and transfer the pressure to the placed just above the sponge. These two longitudinal sponges are the second advantage of this design. They dramatically reduce the pressure of the earbuds by transferring it to the head (just above the ear), which greatly improves the wearing comfort of the headphones.

The third is the headband itself. The very flexible, well-adhered and self-clamping steel element (two in total, slider), allows you to position your headphones in a variety of ways and comfortable carrying them under / over or even next to the cap. He does not really feel it. It was a little irritating to have the headband spread and headphones on (they could get tangled up and tear off their hair, and the plastic slides were hard to get around). Quickly, however, the plastic was properly formed, and the separation of the earphones before the installation offset the possible threat of silence.

What’s up? As it sounds, most of my listening is done using portable iPod and Creative Zen and stationary Technics SU-V560 and Panasonic SA-HR45. The music is quite varied with the dominant guitar sound, and the quality of the recordings is just as good. Get cheap in-ear headphones.

After the first hearing there was some understatement, shortcomings and the sound quality just did not impress. However, the four hours of continuous work have already begun to show claws and after this little warm-up, the sound quality has increased to a minimum of two times. The Pot / Vicarious – Tool (Flac) you can hear very good co-ordinates of the measures as well as the highs. The guitars do not lose anything from their aggressiveness, the vocal does not escape forward, but it is not drowned out, and the powerful bass (when heated much more arranged) reinforces the sound without spoiling it. Horus the chorus / Frog machine – Infected Mushroom (Flac) a completely different kind of music, another equalizer setting and in the foreground there is a strong bass, next to high tones. A little hidden resources and sometimes insufficiently dynamic pits may not comfort the audiofile, but let’s not forget that it is not top-notch equipment, and here’s the competition. In general, Koss Porta Pro sounds very good. Low tones might have been a bit more dynamic and definitely lacking some space here, but these are probably the biggest drawbacks I’ve found here. The whole thing sounds really nice, loudly heard human voices, clear stringed instruments, and great performance allows for really loud listening music. Find Sennheiser earbuds.

Technical parameters:
Conclusion Koss Porta Pro is a well-made, cleverly designed and well-sounding portable handset. Packing them in a holster takes no more than 10 seconds (folding does not require any strength or great intelligence), and the folds are so small that you can put them in your pocket and forget. They keep a good head, which allows them to treat their sport and most importantly, have lifetime guarantee.

The ugly duckling surprised me several times. Great ergonomics – and I was quite skeptical of this design – and the sound quality – and the second time it surprised me. So I highly recommend these headphones to anyone who values ​​comfort, not just transportation, looking for headphones in which they can run, and most importantly looking for good sound for a small amount of money.