LEOPHILE EEL Wireless Neckband Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth have becomes a very convenient and popular form of device that is being used today. Leophile is actually a new name which has been rising to fame over the past few years, concentrating on providing quality audio products, at good rates.

Unboxing and Pricing: You will be pleasantly surprised by the unboxing which is definitely better than the price you pay for the Bluetooth headphones. Inside the box you will find the headphones along with a USB charging cable and some additional eartips which you can choose to use depending on the size of your ear to ensure that the Bluetooth device fits snugly into your ear. There are three control buttons which are present at the left side of the ear plug along with two controls used for volumes and songs skipping.

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There is a also a multifunctional button present in the middle which can be used for activating Siri, answering phone calls and switching the power on and off. To indicate the status of the device, you can see a small LED light which is present at the back side. You will also be able to find a small USB charging port. The neckband form of the device is so must easier and flexible to wear when compared with the normal earbuds. This is because the design is very simple which makes it very comfortable to wear and you will notice that the entire weight of the product is concentrated on the neck part which is also the place where the buttons, battery and everything else is present.

They come with IP67 certification which makes it apt for you if you are a surfing person. This means that they are water resistant and have been tested to work well under water. When it comes to the sound that you hear from this device, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they work extremely well, providing warm and balanced audio with the right amount of bass. Moreover, the noise cancellation of the system is also very good as it eliminates the outside noise and gives you a clear audio of only what you need to hear.

The batter life of the device is extremely good and you will be able to get a clean 9-10 hours of usage before the battery reaches a minimum. Moreover, it will only take 2 hours for you to recharge the device and use it again.

Pros and Cons

  • Good noise cancelling
  • Waterproof
  • Longer Battery life
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Balanced good sound
  • The absence of retractable cables is noticeable.
  • Ear buds sizes are not comfortable to wear and tend to fall off when running or working out.

If you are willing to buy rechargeable Bluetooth headphones which are comfortable to use even when you are working out, the Leophile is the best choice that you can make.  The best part is that the price at which you can buy them is also great.

Price & reviews on Amazon.com