LX2 LX2 Bluetooth: Handset With Built-in Video Camera

Video camera and Bluetooth headset in one – the shortest one can describe this interesting device. The LX2 LX2 Bluetooth does not just have a cool name, but looks. With such a gadget our smartphone will really be “smart”, and we will have hands free film. Best Sennheiser earbuds< you will find on page. Top budget headphones here (in-ear). Want Bose wireless earbuds? Click here.

Smartphones, with built-in digital cameras and video capabilities, let you record live experiences and feature Internet features when you’re online, making it easy to share your recordings and photos with friends instantly. Filming with a smartphone has one drawback. Although it is compact, you still need to hold it in your hands, which makes it hard to fully participate in the action. There is a recipe – the Loox LX2 Bluetooth camera.

Designers of this device have decided to connect a Bluetooth headset, which itself is a very practical addition to the smartphone, with a small video camera that is able to record video at VGA resolution, whatever we do and wherever we are. In the HD content era, 640 x 480 pixels are just a little bit, but the Loox features are supposed to compensate for this shortfall.

The product marked LX2 is the second device in the series. Compared to the previous model LX1, the new camera is also available with 8GB of memory (only via Looxcie.com) – previously only 4 GB. Maximum video resolution is 480p (30 fps, bit rate up to 4 Mbps), same as the current LX1 (manufacturer data). Inside the models are the same electronics, suggesting that the expansion of video capabilities – the first version of the LX1 offered only 320p mode – thanks to better software.

The LX2 LX2 Bluetooth for a low-profile person can seem like a regular Bluetooth headset. The whole weighs only 22 grams, and the built-in lithium polymer battery allows for 4 hours of video recording.

Those who have had a chance to familiarize themselves with the previous LOOX will notice a significant change in appearance. Now the camera actually resembles a earphone. The manufacturer has reduced the number of buttons and has given the device a dark color so that we can be more discreet. The shape of the LX1 model with a white camera module is too much in the eye.

The set includes 2 ear hooks and 4 different earbuds and a USB cable. The LX2 Bluetooth can be worn on the left or right ear.

In the camera’s memory (4 GB) we will cover 1.5 hours of video 480p or 5 hours at 320p (MP4 format). Data can then be dropped into the computer’s memory via a USB cable, and if you have only a smartphone at hand, you will find a wireless connection useful. The handset supports Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and eSCO.

To change camera settings, preview images and simple movie editing from smartphone, the manufacturer has developed the Looxcie Moments and Looxcie Cam applications. They are available on iOS and Android platforms. In the future, Looxcie Live will be available to stream live video.