Sweatproof Running Earbuds with Mpow V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow V4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones sound wonderful on the ears with its music while running and exercising. These wireless sports headphones are specially made for sports enthusiasts to serve as music partners while you are enjoying other sports activities simultaneously. Their robust sound through the Bluetooth 4.1 is extremely good, with its rich deep bass tone, provides uninterrupted, strong and stable signal and can connect even from a distance of about 32 feet away. The handsfree function provided in the Bluetooth headset helps to have hands free conversation in all types of noisy or outdoor environment even while you are enjoying with friends or while enjoying a lovely time, jogging or running on the road. The in-ear headphones are well-designed and come in an exquisitely made metal outer shell that is fantastic to look and use. To control the music-playing options and to respond to calls, you can use the in-line control through the three buttons provided. The Mpow Bluetooth Headphone also comes with 3 sizes of Ear-tips which are small, medium and large. Also enclosed is a single micro USB charge cable, along with 3 types of Ear Hooks for Indoor leisure use and 3 types for Outdoor sports use. The user manual is also provided with the device, for easy reference to use the device when you order for the product. The Mpow v4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones comes in dimensions of 1 X 2 x 1 inch and weighs around 1.4 ounces.

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  • The Bluetooth 4.1 helps to stay connected with your phone or your tablet even at a distance of about 32 feet away with a clear and precise tone.
  • The ergonomic designed ear hooks are made from soft silicone to stay put within the ear.
  • The device has a built-in mic along with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation so that you can speak with your near and dear, without any interrupting the high voice quality.
  • The Sweatproof headphones are apt to use during your sports activities, with their soft silicone premium coating, which protects it from all types of damage that may be caused by sweating. It is especially useful while running, jogging, for gym work and for all types of outdoor sports and hiking.
  • It is compatible with all types of Bluetooth players such as Apple Watch, Android, iPhone, iPod and Mac.


The product comes with 3 earbud sizes and retainer sets too, of various sizes and designs. It comes with a long cord that can accommodate larger heads. The headphones do not go straight into the ear canal but are angled forward, to fit into the ear canal and has a comfortable access port. These are great headphones to posses, as their service is more than their cost.


The product cannot be connected to multiple devices simultaneously. Though there are no beep sounds when you change the volume or put it in the pause or play button, there is a voice saying Power on or Power Off that may not be liked by all. They do not contain magnetic headphones.

Price & reviews on Amazon.com