New Headphones Beyerdynamic Custom Game I MMX 300 V2

Headsets for gamers probably associate with most readers with blatant design products of brands such as Razer, Steelseries and ASUS. The question of the quality of such handsets is usually accompanied by extreme emotions, where some people perceive them as the peak of acoustic engineering, while their opponents treat them as the greatest crime on the music. However, it turns out that there are also products that rigidly elude these stereotypes. Examples are Beyerdynamic’s world-renowned audio headsets. The German company has just announced the refresh of its gaming offerings by introducing two new products: the Custom Game and the second generation MMX 300.

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Both new Beyerdynamic headsets are based on well-known Hi-Fi models – Custom One Pro and DT 770 Pro.

Beyerdynamic’s first headset is the Custom Game. This is another product from the Custom series. So far, the headphones featured in the headphones boasted an entertaining sound with a heavy bass and a poor stage. All this makes it a rather strange choice for a headset gaming console, though perhaps the manufacturer for the new model has changed their signature slightly. Plus, the Custom Game should be a decent isolation from which their predecessors were famous. Headphones will be equipped with sliders for adjusting the bass volume and a detachable microphone cable. The nice accent is without doubt the ability to match the appearance of the shell to your liking with the attached stickers.

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The second announced headset from the Germans is the new generation of the MMX 300. The first generation has received a lot of positive feedback, but it should not be a big surprise as it was only a slight modification of the legendary DT770 Pro. The new model from the predecessor is different to have the ability to unplug the cable. This should make it easier to choose the right cable for different applications because it is known that another will be optimal length to play on the console, and another to be hidden behind a PC desk. Minor modifications also affected the design, which now became more subdued. The producer does not mention anything about the sound changes to the first generation of the MMX 300, so it’s safe to assume that we will get the DT 770 again and again.

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Both new Beyerdynamic headsets will be available at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but will soon hit the shelves for 199 euros. You have to admit that this is a much higher cost than most headset players, but do not forget that these are really audiophile headsets in the full sense of the word. This is a great asset against competing products, which are usually quite good in games, but they do not sound very good at listening to music or watching movies. This makes the Beyerdynamica offer seem like a pretty reasonable investment.