NEXGADGET Bluetooth Headphones

The Nexgadget Bluetooth is one of the best selling products that has excellent features which sets it apart from the other bluetooths out there in the market. Here are some of its highlights:

Hands Free Calling: A feature that you will find in all Bluetooth wireless head set is the ability to switch between calls and music automatically. You can make use of the buttons on the headset to control the functions of calls and music easily.

5000 Times Pulling Force: These headset earplug cables will be able to withstand 5000 times’ pulling which makes it extra durable when compared with other headsets which are capable of withstanding only 1000 times.

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Scientific Design and Stylish Outlook: The design is so ‘in’ that you can use it as a necklace by simply trimming the earplug cable giving it a fashionable sporty look. If not, you could also simply fold it up to make it easier when you want to store it.

Sound Leadership: The Bluetooth signal used in this device is relatively much more stable than similar ones in the market because of the built-in CSR8645. The device features CVC noise cancelling technology which is capable of filtering out noise from noisy and busy environments, providing a Hi-Fi sound quality audible through the first-class stereo.

S/M/L Replacement Ear Tips: You will be provided with three ear tips in the package which includes small, medium and large size to fit the size of your ear. You no longer have to worry about the earplug falling out of your ear because it is too small or too big.

Foldable and retractable Design: This feature ensures that your headset does not break under any circumstance. It is convenient to store it in a bag or your pocket because of it foldable working. All you need is one press to retract the ear buds and adjust the length of the cable.

Battery Performance: It gives a maximum standby time of 300 hours when charged for a period of three and a half hours while you get 18 hours of talking time and 16 hours of music play time. When pairing you need to do it only once and it is also quite easy.

Vibration and Voice Prompt: The right side of the headset will start to vibrate when there is a call coming. Even if you are in a place which is very noisy, you will not miss a phone call. Moreover, it also supports connection of up to 2 bluetooth at a time.

Neckband Wearing Style: If you are the sporty type, then this Bluetooth is ideal for you, weight only 1.2 oz. It can be worn as a neckband and you do not have to worry about getting it all sweaty as it is made of sweat-proof silicone.


  • Pairing with your phone will be very easy.
  • It has very long battery life.
  • Ear buds sound quality is top-notch.


  • Has low mic quality.
  • It is difficult to use the controls on the side.

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