Lifetime Sweatproof Guaranteed Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones

Phaiser BHS-730 is a wireless Earbud that comes with a Lifetime Sweatproof. It comes with a carrying case, to store it protectively, when not in use. The Mic and the wireless facility are additional likeable features especially when you are busy on your workouts.  Using new technology, the Bluetooth 4.1 is said to feature more battery life, for continuous prolonged use. The Audio Quality is high with big bass while the treble is almost lighter than air. As for phone clarity, it is impeccably perfect as always. As they are perfectly compatible with both Apple iOS and all types of Android devices, the battery life can be easily viewed on display. As you are investing in a BHS-730, you can rest assured that your earbuds are made to be strongly resistant to any type of rough handlings. One reason why the earbuds are light-weight is because it is made from Aviation Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy. Similarly the LiquipelTM Nano-Coating makes it water resistance, though this does not mean that you can use it when you are out swimming. You can avail the Travel Pouch to keep your Earbuds fully protected when you are out travelling as it is a small gift worth about $10 Р$15, provided to the user. As for guarantee, the duration has been extended from 30 days to 60 days. Of course, this comes with no string attached.

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  • The 8mm Speakers come with HD sound and Bluetooth 4.1 to emit a super sounding bass. The memory foam tips have Comply T-400 M and completely evict all external noise to the user.
  • The magnetic feature in the Earbuds can be worn around the neck, if you want to temporarily keep it away, to add to your cool appearance.
  • Sweat proof and water proof is another feature that is found very useful when you are using the Phaiser BHS-730, as there are chances of you walking into the shower with your Earbuds on, or water may accidently spill on it, but hey, Presto! Your Earbuds will still work.
  • The winged earphone tips are patented and can be comfortably placed within your ears. Even vigorous workouts will keep it snugly in place. There are various options available to suit the size of the wearer, for more comfort and snug fitting.
  • The Phaiser BHS-730 comes with a sweatproof guarantee for a lifetime.
  • The dimensions come in 5.12 in X 1.77 in X 2.44 in


The quality of the Earbuds and the quality of the sound emitted from it is so good that you are inclined to wear it on, for a longer duration. They are exceptionally good for Bluetooth, with particular reference to the Comply foam tips that comes along with the package fit. The controls are easy for use. The Earbuds are more economically priced and come with a good build quality.


The batteries do not last long and drains off quickly, which is one of the major faults of the Phaiser BHS-730. The Phaiser BHS-730 weighs more than other earbuds and they stick out of the ears due to their weight.

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