Plantronics GameCom 367

Some time ago I was looking for good handsets with equally good microphone. I have seen many models, but eventually, after the opinion of a certain benchmark user (thanks to GsFFsG) I decided to choose the Plantronics Gamecom 367. Today I present to you a review of these great headphones. I invite you to read.

Headphones from the new series of products, the legendary Plantronics. The 367 handset, like the rest, was designed by the players themselves. Ideally matched and contoured headphones let you immerse yourself in the virtual world of gaming for maximum comfort during long hours of use. By isolating the player from external sounds, nothing will distract him. Headphones are also great for talking on the Internet and while listening to music. Closed Gamecom 367 players are the perfect combination of 40mm sound in large capsules on a wide padded headband for maximum comfort. Microphone hidden, extendable with reduced ambient noise. The knob on the cable allows you to quickly adjust the volume and turn off the microphone.

Best Budget Headphones (over-ear & on-ear)

In my opinion, it’s better than Creative Fatal1ty. They play better, they have better, stronger structures and for me they are much more comfortable, despite their size. The games are enough. I play on them in CoD4 and Cs 1.6 and compared to Fatal1ty better. In addition they are cheaper …;] and the microphone does not stop working after 2 months as was the case with my copy. Full 10

The headphones are unpacked, and after a while of unpacking they know what they are paying for: a solid solid construction, a thick flexible cord that does not twist (maybe a bit longer but 2m in total), a great finish. Very comfortable headphones (maybe a little head heating in them but something for something, i do not mind). Fatal1ty in comparison to these handsets are outdated (in terms of convenience, sound and performance) Honestly recommend 10/10

The box was just what it should be – headphones. The biggest earphones I’ve ever seen. Brilliant basses, very good and coolly hidden microphone. Very solidly made. They head Senheisery 161 and Creative Fatality in terms of functionality and value for money (subjective). There may be some high tones in comparison to these alternatives. The sound is very club and full. I recommend

Excellent earphones, good sound performance very good, characterized by strong bass is a bit shallow, but for it the strong and dynamic, the highs are good, they are not intrusive; Headphones do not hug their ears; But real faces show in games; The sound takes on a new dimension, qualitatively in terms of sound and performance beat the head “fatal1ty” Package Contents

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Headphones are sold in a large, plastic, perfectly presenting box. The only drawback is that it is difficult to open (the glue holds it firmly).

The second page also does not show up worse: the list of the advantages of the device allows us to make sure before buying the right choice.

Open packaging. Of course, the headphones (perfectly protected by plastic extruders) and some papers (mostly about warranty and producer information in more than a dozen languages) are of no interest.

Headphones seem massive, but they are comfortable and durable. At first glance it may look a little cosmic, but it does not matter how they look and how they play. Besides, it’s a matter of taste.

On the side of the headphones are equally nice. Stylish black and red design, and on the headband a large inscription “Plantronics GameCom”. In this equipment we look like a real player.

As I have said, the large dimensions do not interfere with comfort, and the earphones even hold firmer, even with strong head movements.

The ear muffs are very large, so all ears fall into it. The lack of pressure on the auricle makes it even after a long game session we do not feel the pain. Only ears can sweat a little, but this is not a big problem. In the center you can clearly see the large 40mm speaker.

We can adjust the size of the handle by a few centimeters. This divergence makes the headphones fit on virtually every head and there is no discomfort.

The cable is only on one side, eliminating the problem of “cable-lined flooring.” Besides, it is quite hard and tough: it does not mess up, it does not stop. Even riding a chair after him is not killing him.

On the cable we find two interesting things: First, it is a remote control, which we can adjust the volume and turn off / turn on the microphone. Secondly, we have a special clasp, which we can attach, for example, to a shirt, so that the cable does not interfere with the game. Little bajer, and he enjoys.

The combination of the headband and earmuffs is really solid and there is no way to break them. In addition, they can be slightly rotated for added comfort.

Placed on the top of the headband a soft cushion makes the plastic not squeeze us on the head, only everything is soft and comfortable.

The microphone is very interestingly hidden. When we do not use it, we can hide it in the slot in the brace. It does not slide itself, it does not bother when it is unnecessary.

When we talk to Skype or use a microphone while playing Counter Strike, we can remove it from its original position by turning it to the position of the earmuffs’ attachment to the headband and then sliding it further up to increase its length.

Ease of use
The comfort of the headphones is very high. Although they are quite massive and heavy it may be their advantage. Thanks to that they hold on to their heads. The ear muffs are so big that they can easily fall into all ears, so there is no problem pressing the nail and later pain. The upper panel makes the earphones so soft that we sometimes forget them! Adjustable headband with a large range can easily fit into any head.

The microphone is located on the side of the mouth, so that it sounds good, not the air noise coming out of the mouth. In addition, it is very comfortable position and does not cause discomfort. After longer sessions, the ears may be slightly sweaty, but it is quite weak and only a minute of peeing is enough and we can now return to the game.

As a rule, the earphone is the most important sound. I’m not an avid music lover, so I will treat this chapter from a subjective point of view (I use an integrated sound card from the Asus P6T SE motherboard).

Metal – very good sound, the line of percussion perfectly combines with the strong sound of the guitar to create a great backing for heavy vocalist of the singer, not drowning it at the same time, the sounds are natural and not silenced.

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Punkrock – the sound is pure, perfect, the guitar is pure, the vocalist is not distorted, you can hear details like the main guitar on the left and bass on the right (according to the band on the stage).

Classical music – the perfect combination of hundreds of instruments, you can hear each and every one of them together, and they combine purely, noiseless and distorted, almost as if you were in a concert hall.

Hip hop – very good, juicy bass, but could be slightly stronger (when compared to Creative T3100 bass), the vocalist’s voice is accurate, not disturbed, with stronger bass strings may occur delicate, unwanted snaps, but not heavy in the ear .

Pop-rock – pure, accurate voice of the vocalist, perfect combination of instruments, higher parts of the voice may seem slightly subdued.

Jazz – very clean, deep saxophone voice, pure vocalist, matching the genre, great combination of all the sound.

Techno – all sounds very purely reproduced, they do not drowse each other, the bass is very good, perfect for the rest of the sound.

Crysis – even on stereo headphones you can hear the surround sound, you can hear grenades on the back, side, front. The loudness of the sounds is very natural, so we can detect the enemy by hearing. Strolling in the mine I knew exactly when to turn on the masking mode. During silent action we will hear even the quietest branching, and during heavy fights strong music (Crysis drums) combined with the perfect sound of weapons, explosions and screams of the enemy, effectively boosts adrenaline.

The retractable, retractable microphone recessed in the niche is perfect. Uses revolutionary noise reduction technology. This consists in excluding from the sound recorded by the main microphone recorded by additional microphones located on the other side of his arm. The final sound is accurate, clean, clear and quite consistent with the real, and completely without noise.

Very rarely in reviews are given a sample of sound, and this is a very useful thing, so I will pass it (besides the whole video commentary was recorded with this microphone):

Plantronics Gamecom 367 headphones are reasonably called headphones for gamers. They work perfectly well in games, but also in normal applications are excellent. They provide great sound quality, excellent microphone and unprecedented ease of use. Personally I highly recommend!