Portable Headset

Small portable headphones will always be interesting. Mainly because we can take them with us everywhere, but even more important is that they do not have to play poorly at all. The HiFiMAN RE-300h is definitely a bass-type model with the letter “L” (the dominant low tones with more retracted midrange and milder soprano). They have several important advantages. Firstly, the wire is made of super long pure copper OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast), which performs better than copper OFC. Another advantage is the small size and low weight combined with good ear canal sealing. There are also two ways to distinguish the wear – the cable behind the ear or the classically straightened. They work both in the comfort of home as well as in the commute bus, tram or metro. The sound reproduced by it is very detailed and precise, and at the same time a bit warmer than the classic fittings.

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The strongest impression is made of strong diameter and detailed, but not piercing ears in the soprana. Definitely not a headphone for lovers of powerful, soft bass (as opposed to the above HiFiMAN RE-300h models). The set contains a number of silicone gaskets in different sizes and exchangeable filters to prevent dust from entering the headphones. There was also a protective case. They feature quite smooth but elegant bass, very smooth, dynamic midrange and detailed soprano. In combination with some players or during playback of some tracks, high tones may be slightly rough or sparks. In general, the large 13.5mm drivers, however, perform very well, offering high quality sound in many different musical genres. The flat cable has a built-in microphone with a button for voice control and playback. It is worth noting that the set also includes 9 pairs of silicone gaskets by Musical Fidelity, which will perfectly fit the headphones to the ear canal (sealing depends on sound quality). This is why the Polk Audio UltraFit 500 headphones have come to our list. It is an inbuilt construction, but with silicone pads that gently seal the auditory canal.

Isolation is not as strong as in earbuds, but this is a desirable feature in headphones for runners or bikers, as they have to hear what’s going on around them (like whether a car is coming). The design does not fall out of ears thanks to the comfortable headband that we assume for a turban. Headphones are moisture and splash resistant and feature a sturdy, reinforced cord. Comes complete with two cables – with remote and microphone (for smartphones) and without (for regular MP3 / MP4 players or smartphones). Consider buying the UltraFit 2000 model with 30mm dynamic transducers.

In terms of sound quality these headphones can astonish many classic designs at this price. These are earphones with three different sponges in the kit that increase comfort and offer a gentle isolation from external sounds (which is very desirable in sports headphones). The long headband ensures quite firmly holding the headphones – they will not fall off the head during running or cycling. The construction is moisture-proof and has a durable cable. There is a control panel for playback and telephone conversations in the right-hand housing. It is fully compatible with Apple hardware and partly with other smartphones on the market.