QPAD Comes Back To The Game – Peripheral Test For The Needy Players

Tested headphones are not equipped with additional features controlled by additional software, nor will we find it in the box or the manufacturer’s website. Our test is based on three games – Battlefield 3, DiRT 3 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as everyday use – listening to music and watching movies. The first title is known for its relatively good sound setting, so here should be no major problems. The sounds in the new Counter-Strike re-release have been significantly rebuilt, and we should not have encountered any problems with earlier versions. Codemasters’ British production has not been so well known in the racing industry as many racing cars, but it is not the most important game in the game. QPAD QH-90 headphones are one of the flagship products of the Swedish company, so we are counting on a pretty good result. And how will he get out of the laundry?

Battlefield 3
As a standard we start with the Battlefield 3 test, which allows you to check the headphones on the hardcorate battlefield. Even after the initial outbursts, it seems that the manufacturer was very keen on the appropriate low tonal projection. Transmitting transducers blew our heads off, so we have to reduce the volume to a painless level. On the powerful low tones suffered a bit mapping medium and high range, but we do not have serious reasons to worry. The sounds of the engines and weapons as well as the sound of the hero are clearly audible. We do not encounter any problems with the mapping of shots or the explosions mentioned earlier. After the first test on our faces smile guests, so we do not expect anything else in the other titles.

DiRT 3
The situation in DiRT 3 from Codemasters usually does not look very colorful, so we do not expect anything else in this test as well. We choose a special section located in sandy Kenya and we start the fight for the best possible check of the supplied handsets. The QPAD QH-90 is once again astonishing to us with its powerful low-impact tones and a good mid to high range reproduction. The tested product is a real treat for everyone who wants to have fun with a solid sound. As a standard we move to Monaco and choose a multi player game – just like in the previous tests, the headphones are crazy at the influx of many different car sounds, so our ears get a nasty slurry. Of course, we do not blame the handsets themselves, because the situation is due to the characteristics of the game DiRT 3. General impressions? QPAD QH-90 is proving itself in yet another application and confirms its existence on the market.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
We go to a game that is played in many tournaments as a major attraction. Each player well knows that without proper recognition (read listened enemies) the gameplay will not be too fluid and effective. The headset is almost indispensable in this game, and good reproduction of the most important sounds is half the success. QPAD QH-90 headphones with strong low tones are here in a lost position, as they do not provide as good a sound reproduction of key sounds in this game. However, we can not complain about the obvious shortcomings in this regard, as the device still cope with the clear sound of enemies. Gun shots are not extremely painful for our ears. Playing QPAD QH-90 headphones on our head is a pleasure, as the comfort of using it is appropriate. Counter-Strike Test: Global Offensive may have been a bit worse than the previous test, but the results are within normal limits.

Music and film
Many users deciding on headphones for the players do not think of them as gaming products – well, it’s hard to refine the functionality of the sound system for one application. As we mentioned earlier, the QPAD QH-90 model offers solid bass impact, so all the devotees around the bass line should be happy. Evening display in front of the monitor should not be tiring for our head, but long-term use of headphones can cause some discomfort. The aluminum design presses on our auricles with a bit more force than competing products. Of course, this provides better isolation of our ears from the outside world, but causes them to overheat. However, the ease of use remains at the appropriate level, and the aforementioned inconveniences concern a significant number of closed headphones.