Review of HyperX Cloud Revolver

I had the pleasure of testing all of the Cloudy created by Kingston. When I first heard about the Revolvers, I just had to put my hands on them. What was my surprise when the new headset from HyperX turned out to be something completely different than the safe continuation of the warmth of the adopted line.

The HyperX Cloud series has successfully entered the gaming industry, offering a perfect balance between price and quality. When buying headphones for movies and games, Cloudy was a budget shot. When Cloud II improved the sound quality of the microphone and added an external sound card, it could no longer be attached. However, the one who is expecting the HyperX Cloud Revolver will be another development of a proven patent.

HyperX Cloud Revolver is Kingston’s first “stand-alone” headset from A to Z.

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Not everyone knows about it, but all of the previous Cloudys were based on the Takstara PRO design. Revolvers are Kingston’s first fully-featured product. Consequently, changes to previous headsets are gigantic.

Differences are expressed not only in the external appearance, weight, materials used or comfort of wearing. An entirely new sound stage was created, with 50 millimeters of tilt-shifted transducers. The revolvers sound quite different (as described below), and are addressed to a slightly different user group than all previous clouds. Well, but one by one.

HyperX Cloud Revolver is the most comfortable headset for the player I’ve ever had.

Through my hands has passed the mass of headphones for players, also those of the highest shelf. Wireless SteelSeriesy, advanced Turtle Beache, modern Logitechy – none of the sets, even several times more expensive, did not lie on my head as comfortably as the Revolvery.

Everything thanks to the squeaky design, thanks to which the headset perfectly matches the shape of the skull. The degree of pressure on the temples is minimal, which will be appreciated by those with frequent headaches, sensitive to pressure. Putting on Revolvers is like putting on a pillow. Absolutely not exaggerating!

The shell-like design, the soft-bottomed headband and the ultra-foam artificial leather of the pillows are a great combination. What’s more, the Revolver’s shells are deep enough (and bent!) That the entire ear canal will fit into them without any pressure or kneading. In combination with the small weight of the device, this gives a great final effect.

Unfortunately, the comfort of the pillows has its price. Revolvers do not sound as good as the competition. During normal use this will not be a problem. However, if you have a key tournament in CS: GO, and behind the window is under repair and drilling of walls, it is impossible to completely cut off the extremely high ambient sounds. But the question is, what percentage of us play on the site or in the grinding plant.

Coupled with gigantic comfort goes a weird, slightly tacky look.
Previous Cloudy were not masterful in design, but they certainly did not reject. They were simple, elegant and did not look like children’s playground gimnazjum. Unfortunately, the makers of the Revolver have decided to cut off their current product line in a very bad way.

The new shell was supposed to look modern and predatory. Just take the headset to your hand to feel the bazaar plastic. Fatal effect, which is not to cool, slightly brushed aluminum from previous Clouds. I do not know who came up with the idea of ​​plastic red-black elements, but it’s a big box, with ricochet going towards the manufacturers.

The situation saves the disconnected microphone slightly. It was covered with solid, consistent, rubbery material. Compared to previous Clouds, the wow effect is brick. Especially since we can still adjust the position of the microphone by moving it closer or closer to the speech engine.

It is a pity that the shoddy plastic surface has not been used in any practical way. For example, the microphone mute button or the volume control knob is missing. Of course, I realize that the former Cloudy did not. But if Revolver wants to highlight its difference, it would be a great addition to the not so cheap handsets.

The sound of Revolvers was written specifically for shooters and FPSs!
Delivered to the editor HyperX Cloud Revolver has a mini-jack. This means we can forget about artificial digital surround sound from a real event. Of course, directional sound sources are still present, but forget about the Dolby Digital 7.1 experience. It’s not the product category

On the other hand, the mini-jack allows the headset to be universally used. PC, PS4, XONE, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, smartphones and tablets – Revolvers can be used on almost any platform where you can play something and watch something.

HyperX Cloud Revolver is a classic, even exemplary model of the typical “V”. On top of that, we have all the high and low sounds that you might associate with a dynamic shooting – explosions, whistles, rifle rips, plaster and so on. It’s amazing how different Revolvers sound from other, more universal handsets dedicated to the players.

Playing in The Division and Battlefield, my weapons sounded different than SteelSeries Wireless H and Turtle Beach Elite. The giwery were much more generous. The sound and echo of the shot lasted longer in the shells. As if every firearm on these handsets was getting turbocharged. Great effect!

Of course, exactly the same impression we can afford on the more expensive, equipped with rich editing capabilities of the headset. Only that few of them use it. On the other hand, HyperX Cloud Revolver offers specific sounds and a specific scene straight out of the box.

It must be added that with the strong “V” in the Revolver, the offered sound is above all very sharp and very clean. Splitting bands is just exemplary. Also, when we turn up the volume, which is not the standard. As for explosions, shouts, screams and so on, Revolvery is a real “razor”. Expressions of this headset really can not be denied.

Unfortunately, HyperX Cloud Revolver loses its greatest predecessor – great price. It’s a lot more than the previous Cloudy, with the ability to connect an external sound card offering digital surround sound.

At the current price, the Revolvery will look first of all really demanding fans of network shooting. Those who ate their teeth on CS: GO and Call of Duty. From the very beginning, it felt like these headphones were created for them. HyperX has reached out to a much more specific audience who will appreciate new, bolder solutions.

The rest of them have no reason to run into the store and buy Revolvers. If you have a second Cloudy, you can sleep peacefully – replacing a newer model is not necessary unless you are an FPS veteran. Never mind – this headset really gives the second life its favorite firearms. There is power.