The Fittingly Designed Samsung Gear IconX Cordfree Fitness Earbuds

Enjoy listening to your favorite song by using the latest trending headset by Samsung. It is the new Gear IconX Fitness Earbuds from Samsung which is cord free and also serves as an Activity Tracker with Warranty. It looks lovely in its in pitch-black color as it fits snugly into the ear-socket. The IconX Earbud has a delicate look with dimensions of 1.3 X 4.2 X 6.3 inches.  It is almost weightless with its 7.2 ounces and as the smallest music player it is very useful to possess on. Check also “Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds” here.


  • With the built-in Heart Rate Monitor and the Fitness Tracker, you can share the all data regarding your heart rate and fitness to your device, to be easily monitored. The heart rate and the calories burnt are in accordance to the speed, duration and distance of your workout.
  • It has a music player built within it with a 4GB capacity, which you can listen to, without a phone.
  • The Fitness Tracker makes the workout session more enjoyable, as you can enjoy it without any added encumbrances attached.
  • Water and sweat resistance is an added feature that makes it more usable.
  • To help in better fitting, three rubbery eartips are provided. Spare wingtips of different sizes are also provided to keep the IconX stable within the ear.
  • The comfortable to wear ear gels helps to balance the headset. A carrying case is available for storage purpose to protect it while carrying it while travelling and also for charging purpose.

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Why you Need to Possess One?

The earbuds are really great as well as insignificant to see and use. The rich strong sound provides music that is great to hear. As a user, you should know that using the right eartip will immediately improve the rich bass sound of the music. As the earbuds are wire-free, they are great on the ears as one can exercise in any position without being hindered by any tagging wire, especially as they have in-board music storage. You can get details of your heart-rate even when you are doing your workout and listening to some great music. The robotic voice will keep giving information about the data at specific intervals according to your specification.

Why you Need Not Buy it?

The battery life is one of the prominent faults of the product as the battery life does not last long. The company claims that IconX can play continuously for about 3.4 to 3.8 hours when the on-board storage is not used, while it can play continuously for about 1.5 to 1.6 hours when using the on-board storage. However the actual running time is much lower. The user can know about his heart rate, if he has a Samsung phone only. The touchpads are used to control the IconX, and you have to tap it once, twice and thrice to pause, skip and revert to the previous song respectively. The batteries contain lithium-ion, which is something that you have to put up with, if you are using the latest technology.

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