Samsung Level Link – Cable Bender

Level Link is not a complicated electronic device. When first connecting to a wireless device, press the play / pause button for a few seconds. When the status LED starts cycling, the smartphone, tablet, wireless headset, or other Bluetooth device is paused. In the case of Bluetooth headphones, they also have to be in pairing mode at this time – only then will they automatically connect to the Level Cable.

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Depending on the device plugged into the adapter, the Minilock Level Link socket is located on the audio cable with the minijack plug (photo at the bottom left) or the headphone plug (photo at the bottom right).

After each pairing / connection, the adapter automatically sets the default, moderate volume level at the audio output, which sometimes can be frustrating, as the level of the signal at the Level Level output is not too high. So if we like relatively loud listening, then after each pairing we will set the maximum volume on both the phone and the Level Link. If you have higher impedance Hi-Fi headphones, you may find that the adapter is unable to provide sufficient volume.

A fully charged Level Linka battery typically lasts about 5-6 hours in the receiver mode and approximately 6-7 hours in the transmitter mode. These results are therefore in line with the promises contained in the technical specifications. However, Samsung also states that the adapter battery should suffice for 200 hours of standby, theoretically for more than 8 days. In the meantime, after full charge, the Level Link switched off approximately after the standby, either in receiver or transmitter mode. What’s worse, switching off the switch on a Level Link casing did not last more than a day, maybe one and a half. I hope this was just a test case issue, not an overly optimistic estimate from Samsung engineers or typos in the manual, that is 200 hours instead of the more real 20 hour test case. Full charge of the Level Linka cell phone from the smartphone charger takes quite a short time – up to an hour and a half. In the open area we will reach a manufacturer’s declared distance of 10 meters, but in the apartment / house where we deal with walls even a distance of 6-7 meters can already cause clear breaks in the music playing, especially when the waves running to the adapter will be covered by our body. In Level Link mode, the transmitter performed a bit better and the first interruptions occurred sporadically only at 9-10 meters. Quality of transmitted sound.

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Level Link is equipped with wired headphones, which look very much like those included with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Of course, they do not have a microphone (they have an adapter after all) and have a much shorter cord than the smartphone (65 centimeters) – they eventually work with a wireless adapter. Connected wired to a smartphone (during the test, I used the Galaxy Alpha for this model), Level Linka headphones sounded at least correct, offering clear vocals, pleasant percussive bass and delicate, slightly retracted top strings. This is a no-nonsense sound and allows for long listening, but the new concept of the design of the samsung headphones (bottom picture) is that they are less likely to suppress background noise than previous models with classic silicone gasket gaskets and may be less comfortable for people. With smaller ears.

Switching to wireless transmission will make us notice a slight drop in clarity and narrowing of the music scene. For mobile listening, it’s hard to talk about some serious voices. We still have to deal with correct sound unless someone is very sensitive to subtle musical details. For such people, the solution may be to connect to the output of Level Linka a better class of headphones. Still, each time they switch to wired listening, the sound will be heard in lightness and space. It’s also worth remembering what I wrote a bit earlier – the headphone output of the device will not work well with high-impedance Hi-Fi headphones (such as those seen in the bottom right of the AKG K501). Turn out to be too quiet, especially for the need to listen on the road / quite noisy environment.

The quality of the audio transmitted in the transmitter mode from the audio device to the Bluetooth headset / Bluetooth audio device and the smartphone / tablet receiver to the audio system is of course dependent on the component class of the audio transmitter / receiver. With a poor audio system or poorly playing Bluetooth headphones, we never get a sound that would undo the sound of wireless music from LevelLink. On the other hand, connecting the Hi-Fi adapter to the Marantz PM17 amplifier and loudspeaker speakers based on the Scan-Speak loudspeaker enabled me to enjoy smartphone music, although it is difficult to fool ourselves into dealing with comparable sound in the long run. For high quality CD player connected to wired amplifier

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Summary The idea of ​​Samsung is not something completely new, but certainly we are dealing with a compact, comprehensive and very versatile Bluetooth adapter that can work both as a receiver and a music transmitter. The built-in microphone allows you to conduct wireless conversations, and when connected to a car audio system use Level Cable as a hands-free speaker.

With the included, decent-sized headset and minijack-minijack cable, you can use the full functionality of the device right after you leave the store without having to buy additional accessories. The quality of wireless transmission can not be mistaken for wired, but it is good and fully satisfactory for most amateur, especially mobile applications.

I only got a little disappointed with the battery performance of the device. 5-6 hours of work as a music receiver and about a day in standby mode is a bit too low, even if we take into account that Level Linka battery will charge up to 90 minutes.