Samsung Level On Pro

The headset is one of the most commonly used accessories for smartphones. It fills boring travels with your favorite music, and in the meantime, it can be used to make phone calls. Those who often use headphones outside of home know perfectly well that wired solutions do not always perform well. Sometimes the cable pulls out the earphones and turns into a Gordian knot in the pocket.

This is why wireless headphones have evolved. They have a built-in battery and Bluetooth connectivity, so they provide much more freedom of movement, that is, indirectly also the comfort of listening. Such a design is very versatile – it will be tested both at home and outside, and sound quality will satisfy the vast majority of listeners.

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Samsung Level On Pro – quality without cable
And what about people who have more sensitive hearing? Do they have to give up Bluetooth and remain condemned to a waning cable? Fortunately not!

A good example is the Samsung Level On Pro headphones. I’ve been using them for two weeks now and I’ve already got to know their strongest and weakest sides. As it turns out the first one definitely dominates over the other.

Headphones are lightweight, have foldable design, touch control panel, Bluetooth wireless connectivity with fast and easy NFC evaporation and surprisingly high sound quality. I particularly impressed the latter feature.

So far, I have been quite skeptical of most BT headphones, because of the functionality and styling I definitely appreciate the sound quality. On Level Pro, however, I had to revise my views on this issue. All this thanks to UHQA (Ultra High Quality Audio) technology.

Foldable headband
Headphones are designed to be as good as possible when traveling. They have a foldable headband that takes up a small amount of space in your luggage. The design is compact enough to fit into your trouser or jacket pocket if required. Headphones are also very lightweight. Samsung declares weight at 236 g (my weight was 234 g).

Biting, closed
Samsung Level On Pro is a closed-loop earphone. In practice, this means that the pillows rest directly on the ear. The ear does not fit inside, but it is covered with pillows.

It has its advantages and disadvantages. Earphones are usually much lighter and smaller than the rounded ones, so they are better suited to carry. The downside, however, is that they are more burdensome and may cause more fatigue after longer periods of continuous use.

Very light
However, Samsung has put a lot of weight on the issue of comfort. The cushions are leather and very soft. They adhere perfectly to the ears and thus are well insulated from external noise. The pressure on the ear has been reduced to a minimum.

During the tests many times I have spent 4-5 hours with this headset on almost continually. The reduction in comfort was felt in my case after about 2.5-3 hours of use. The cushions of all earbuds will inevitably cause some earwax fatigue, but in this model and so the situation looks good.

Level On Pro is one of the most ergonomic and refined wireless headphones I’ve ever had.

The headband is quite flexible and pushes the pillows just as much as necessary. Its internal structure is metal. The outside is plastic (matt) and the place of contact with the head is covered with a wide, soft and very comfortable cushion. Several hundred small holes provide good ventilation.

The outer part of the headband is made of the same material as the headband, which is black matte plastic. The material is tough, but it is quite resistant to typical scratches.

Touch control panel
At first glance both side panels look inconspicuous. As it turns out, Samsung in both has incorporated very important controls and communications.

On the right side there is a touchpad, which will switch songs (finger down), adjust the volume (move your finger vertically) and pause or resume (quick double tap).

On the left hand side is the NFC proximity antenna. When you turn on the headphones, you can approach the outside of your smartphone’s left ear (with active NFC). You will be asked to pair with Bluetooth headset. This way we can start using the headset without any manual configuration.

Noise reduction
Samsung Level On Pro offers both passive and active noise reduction (ANC). The first is guaranteed by leather, closely adhering pillows, and the other by an advanced electronic system combined with microphones.

How it’s working? The ANC, or Active Noise Cancelling, with microphones, captures sounds from the listener’s environment. This signal then goes to a processor that processes it and adds it to the movement of the membrane so that the amplitude is close but the opposite phase.

Sounds like “rocket science”, because the system is really advanced, but its effect is fabulously simple. The effectiveness and quality of the operation of the ANC I checked sitting 2 meters from the open window, in a room on a busy street. After switching on, the noise generated by cars (mainly tires and motors) has been reduced to around 75{44525d09b54d63d0640f36f542f96eae395dfc95b7ea0f6bb173830596e28216}. They became much quieter, and the lowest vibrations were almost completely eliminated. At the same time the handset also removed the noise of the computer fans standing in the room.

Even with completely turned off music, the effect was impressive. Once you’ve turned on external noise, you can not tell at all. The active noise reduction feature is most useful when traveling by train, coach and plane, but it helps even when traveling by public transport or sitting in a bustling office or public place. ANC definitely helps to enjoy your favorite music everywhere, especially outside the home.

Transmission of external sounds to the headphones
Okay, but what to do when we do not want to isolate ourselves from external noise, fearing we will not hear an incoming car, for example, while crossing the road? Samsung has found a way to do it.

When you hold the finger on the touch panel (the outer part of the right earpiece), the external ringing mode is activated for the user’s ears. In this case instead of reducing the noises the earphones strengthen them. This option is advisable to switch on only in a moment when we are actually moving in dense urban traffic. Every day it is superfluous.

There are two sliders in the right ear casing – one is the headset on and the Bluetooth pairing is activated, the other on or off the active noise reduction. There is also a small LED, a micro USB port for charging batteries and microphones.

You can attach a 3.5mm mini-jack cable (3-pole to headphones, 4-port to smartphone) to the left ear cradle. A controller with buttons for volume control, pause / play, and answer / end calls is built in. It also has a built-in microphone.