3 Best Samsung Wireless Earbuds

Nowadays, due to rush hours, everyone wants to spend a time to relax with earbuds. There are so many devices available for listening to music but for those who want to save money and those who wants to enjoy the high quality of sound can use Samsung wireless earbuds. They come with wireless Bluetooth features so you enjoy a lot.

What should buyers expect?

  1. The first thing you should look for is the price. Make sure that the price of the headphones comes under your limited budget or not.
  2. Ensure that your earbuds quality is good and it is a comfort to you. Never compromise on quality and then comfort.
  3. If your In-Ear headphones come with the features of wireless Bluetooth, you should check the transmission range.
  4. Lastly, you should consider the other features. The features are completely depending on what type of brand you choose it. Before you buying the earbuds, analyze which brand keeps the top 10 places in the market.

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Best 3 Samsung wireless earbuds on the market:

Commonly lots of headphones come with excellent features but the below three Samsung wireless earbuds keep the top three places in the market. Why are these products keep the first three places in the market? And, then pros and cons of these headphones are briefly described in this article.

Top Samsung Wireless Earbuds Comparison

Samsung Wireless In-Ear Headphones Reviews

#1 Samsung Gear IconX

  • Free from wires snagging: It is a wireless earbud so you don’t worry about the wires snagging and also one of the main advantages is it supports Bluetooth.
  • Comfortable: It is a very comfort to use and then the controls are easy to operate. You can access them with the USB cable. This earphone helps to copy your music files quickly. Even though it may be a heavy data, this takes just 2 to 3 minutes only.
  • Long-lasting battery life: Based on the customers comfort the manufacturer made a special battery. The battery life lasts up to a maximum of 4 hours.
  • Ambient mode: It contains the ambient mode. This mode helps to listen what is happening in your outside environment. Whenever you want to listen to your surrounding noise, you just turn on the ambient mode.
  • Sound clarity: It offers the high-quality of sound so the sound should be very clear and also it comes with the volume control features, you can increase/decrease how much you want.

  • May cause warm: Continuous use of this earbud may warm your ear so try to use one-hour basis.
  • Does not support standard Bluetooth: The main disadvantage is it does not support the standard Bluetooth of AptX Bluetooth so you can’t get the quality audio as you get in CD.
  • Loses sound clarity after several uses: If you continuously use them, you will face issues in sound clarity after several uses. Finally, this is the best product to listen to music files and the overall rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Samsung Gear IconX is considered to be the best earbuds on the market as it gives more comfortable to your ear while you’re hearing the music. It fits into your ear easily and it will not lead to any disturbances. You can use these headphones in any situation like while you run, jump and even while you’re swimming in your swimming pool also.

It does not occupy too much of places, simply you can carry in your pant pockets. Now, when it comes to the warranty support, the company offers the best discount to the customers and then 90 days of the warranty period. It is available in all showrooms and also in online too. Those who are all purchased this product through online they can get free delivery charges and free shipping charges.

You can use this earphone without any wires as it comes with wireless feature and also it is free from the cords. This is one of the best devices in the market, which contains the heart-rate tracking. This earbud tracks the heartbeat rate through your ear with the help of sensors and even, it works well when compared to the wristband sensor.


This earphone comes with lots of features and then comfort. Some of the main features are as described below. They are as follows,

1. Wireless and comfort: As I said before, this earbud comes with the wireless feature, so you no need to worry about the comfort and also the sound performance is good. It provides the high quality of sound.

2. Storage: This wireless earbud contains the 4GB of storage space. You can able to store the heavy amount of data. I think this storage is more than enough to you. It does not fall you in pressure, it comes with a long lifetime.

3. Easy to access and control: It increases your concentration level so you will be an active listener. You can connect this gear icon X through USB. It comes with the special application. Using this application you can easily access and control your headphones.

4. Good battery life: When talking about the battery, they come with long battery life. It works continuously up to 3.8 hours exactly so you can enjoy your music files without the interruption of battery problems.

5. Good support: The controls also easy and then main benefits of this Samsung earphones is it supports all music files so you can enjoy all types of music files with this headphones.


1. You all know that Samsung is the best brands for electronics items. As the same, this brand delivers high quality. This Samsung earbud comes in black color as it looks gorgeous.

2. You can easily fit and carry this earbud into your ear why because they are less in weight. It is just 222 grams only, so you can carry this earphone wherever you want.

3. It originates with long battery life and it requires the lithium ion battery. It takes only 3.7 volts so you can easily charge them within an hour.

4. And it supports so many music files such as MP3, AAC, M4A, AAC and then WMA v9. This is the first earbud on the market, which supports many music files.

#2 Samsung Level U

  • Ease of use: It is comfortable to use and you can store a large number of data. Just because of this feature, many people would like to invest their money on it.
  • Easy to control: It comes with easy controls. You can control the audio volume and also play/pause your music file whenever you want.
  • Awesome design: It features a stylish design. It easily fits in your neck to the base side so you don’t want to remove this earbud when it is not in use.
  • Good battery life: It offers the long-lasting battery life and then clear sound quality. When compared to the other in-ear headphones you can continuously use this up to 7 to 8 hours. It doesn’t warm your ear.

  • Charging time is high: It takes two hours of time to charge the battery and also the company does not provide the charger. You should buy it separately.
  • Poor performance: Due to heavy load of music files, the performance may reduce. Try to use a few music files.
  • Awesome sound clarity may damage your ear: It offers the high quality of sound so the continuous use of these in-ear headphones may suffer your hearing capacity level.
  • Poor support for various types of music files: When compared to the others it slowly copies the music files and also it supports only a few types of music files.

This Samsung level U earbuds is getting more demand in the market. This ear bud satisfies a number of customers. It is also one of the top-rated brands in the market. They come with wireless feature. The manufacturer designed this earphone in a good manner. It comes with an attractive design so you’ll really feel proud to use this earbud.

When comparing to the other product, this company offers one year warranty period to this earbud. This earphone comes with special features such as you can attend the phone call with the help of this headphones. It offers the high quality of sound and then it is comfortable to fit around your neck.

The cost is very low. You can buy this product based on the EMI method. It comes with free shipping and then delivery charges. It features an attractive color of blue, white and then golden color. Here, we are going to discuss the brief explanation of features, pros, and cons of this earphone.


1. Wireless and Comfort: This Samsung level U is one of the best quality on the market. It is a wireless Bluetooth earbud comes with an attached microphone. It is very comfortable to use to hear the music. It does not fall in any situation while you jog, run, so you can do your work freely while wearing this earbuds. Mainly, it is very comfortable to use when you are doing exercises.

2. Easy to use: This is specially designed for long-term wear. It does not warm your ear so you can continuously use this earphone up to seven hours without any disturbance.

3. Sound clarity: It contains the large 12-millimeter speaker. This speaker delivers the high quality of sound so you can able to hear clear audio with the help of this speaker. It comes with noise reduction technique so you will not suffer from the outside noise. This ear bud is completely reduced the outside noise.

4. Easy to attend phone calls: This Samsung level U is not only used to hear the music but also you can easily attend your phone calls without touching your mobiles.

5. Awesome battery life: When comparing to other headphones on the market, it gives long lifetime battery. It lasts up to eleven hours approximately so you can hear music for a long time. This earbud is very suitable for long travel.


1. They come with an eye-catching color of blue, gold and then white.

2. When it comes to the weight, it is lightweight and also flexible to wear. The weight is 115 grams. This is one of the lowest weight earphones on the market.

3. It requires the one lithium ion battery. The battery comes with factory fitted so you don’t need to buy this battery in the marketplace.

4. The company offers the special features of magnetic ear buds. You can connect this earbud to all phones through wireless Bluetooth. Even, it supports the old version of Nokia mobile also.

5. This earbud comes with the level application. Using this level application you can access and control it easily. This application is available in Google play store.

Finally, it is specially designed for comfort, flexible and then quality. You can really enjoy your journey if you have Samsung level U with you. If you like to listen to music without any interference from outside noise, you can buy and use this earphone.

#3 Samsung Level U Pro

  • Good quality sound and awesome battery life: It comes with wireless UHQA of sound quality. It reduces the outside noise so you will not get disturbed by outside environment and then the battery level runs up to 9 hours approximately.
  • Enjoy different types of sounds: With the help of this earbuds, you can enjoy 25 types of different sounds like pop, jazz, and rock etc.
  • It reduces the outside interferences: It contains the two-way speaker of 13 mm dynamic and then 13 mm of the piezo speaker. Both these speakers reduce the outside interferences.
  • Ease of charging and transfer: You can easily charge this earbuds with the help of USB cable and also you should transfer your music files through this USB cable only.

  • Does not come with charger: The Company does not offer any charger. You should buy privately or use the USB cable you can charge it.
  • Limited warranty: It comes with limited warranty support and also it comes with delivery charges those who are all ordered this product through online.
  • Limited support for various types of music files: Continuous usage of this headphone may reduce the performance. It supports only the minimum number of music files so you can enjoy limited music only.
  • Low data storage space: When comparing to the data storage, it comes with low storage space. A heavy load of music files also reduce the earbuds performance.
  • The absence of remote connection and attached battery: The battery is factory fitted. You should not remove this battery whenever you want and then the remote connections are not available in this product.

This is one of the top most products in the market why because it comes with extra additional facilities, so it is considered as the top-rated earbuds. It is available in the unique color of black. The manufacturer designed this earbuds perfectly to deliver us fantastic and stylish ear buds. You can feel as good to wear.

When compared to the other earbuds in the Samsung, it provides the ultra-high quality of sound. You will really feel relaxed when you using this earphone. It comes with a lot of comfortable features and it is flexible to fit into your ear.

Based on the customer review, the manufacturers designed this earbuds with low weight so you can easily carry with you. It does not occupy too much of spaces. If you are locked in heavy traffic, you would like to hear music to get relax and to entertain, right. At that time, this earphone will help you. And, also it helps to reduce your pressure by offering good clarity sound to you.

The main benefit of this earbud is it comes with a low price in the marketplace and it satisfies the customer needs. This earbud comes with a lot of benefits; they are as following under,


1. Top-notch quality: It is suitable for those who are not ready to compromise on quality. It is completely an original branded product. It comes with long lifetime and also it does not break in any situation. You can use this earphone when you are jogging or workouts and much more.

2. Good sound clarity: It contains UHQ sound is abbreviated as ultra-high quality sound. With the help of this UHQ, this earbud delivers the high quality of sound. The sound should be very clear without any noise interruption from outside.

3. Good standby and working time: The earbuds can able to work continuously up to 9 hours and then battery life also comes with 9 hours so you can enjoy the maximum level of audio. You can play audio files up to 9 hours and then the standby time of this ear buds is up to 300 hours.

4. Ease of control and use: It contains the special magnets. This special magnet is available in both speakers. With the help of this magnet, you can attend phone calls and resume your audio files. If you want to reject the phone calls, you should connect the two magnets in the speakers and then it automatically ends your phone calls.


1. The model number of this earphone is EO-BN920CBEGUS and then the company provides the one-year warranty support to this earbuds.

2. When compared to the other product, it comes with heavy weight but it is very comfortable to use. It should not burden you at any time.

3. It delivers the 24 bit digital audio like the concerts hall.

4. The company provides an application. This application helps to get the additional features like sound effect, volume monitor, and even much more.

This Samsung level U pro comes is becoming more popular in the open market and it is one of the awesome ear bud, which makes you feel relaxed while you’re hearing music with this. Get this Samsung wireless earbud now and enjoy your music forever and ever. The overall rating for this product is 4.0 out of 5 stars.

You don’t need to compromise on the price and quality of the above earphones as it comes with an affordable price and then high-quality. This is one of the main advantages of the above products. I’m damn sure, through this article you’ve gathered more information about Samsung wireless earbuds and also you can get the best earbuds in the market. Try to use the above three Samsung wireless earbuds as it will really help you in a better way to listen to music.

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