SnaB Overtone EP-81M – Good Sound For Grosze

Is that a lot? For those who buy one of the cheapest Philips handsets every quarter, probably yes. But people who are aware that sometimes better to spend a bit more (or not! In the package, in addition to the headset, we also find a good, hard case, which in this price range is rare.Like as a set of inserts containing as many as 3 pairs Silicone (one pre-installed) and one foam. There is also a clip to the shirt, and the whole is delivered in a cool cardboard box.

The handset itself seems initially quite delicate (as all), but in practice they are really well made and solid. A fairly thick but elastic cord with an angled gold-plated connector is able to withstand a myriad of strokes (literally tearing off the earphones / earphones) without any harm. Transducer housings are fully metal and fit very well. The fact that they do not belong to the most compact, but their dimensions do not make the slightest problems. Branching is made of aluminum, where it is necessary, rubberized, so that the cord does not break and does not rub. It is glad that the manufacturer took care of such trifles.

In principle, one can only regret the fact that we do not have to deal with a flat, non-occluded cable. SnaB Overtone EP-81M is a very well-made headphones, well placed in the ears, both small and large. There is virtually everything you can want to do with them. Naturally, production is normally done in the far east, which does not change the fact that even luxury brands have their Asian factories and that is not the reason for hair loss because the quality is really high.

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They do their thing and they do it well
SnaB Overtone EP-81M is a headset that surprisingly comes from the first moment. Yes, the manufacturer has put up quite a universal sound, exposing (and how) low frequencies. However, unlike the numerous in this price range competition, he did it well. These are not the next headphones with spilled bass, where you hear nothing else. Here we are dealing with decently controlled parts of the lower part of the band, thanks to which the sound is stronger and more energetic. Such tuning of the transducers makes the diameter seem somewhat withdrawn. Nevertheless, it is appropriately expressive and weighted. In practice SnaB Overtone EP-81M sound soft and smooth, giving the listener a moderate amount of detail in the upper registers. This does not mean that the sound is made out of making a difference in details. Just the bass nature of the 8mm transducers makes the stage a bit dark. In fact, although the headphones play satisfactorily and spatially, focusing on some instruments for less sensitive people can be a challenge (which is worth taking).

The SnaB Overtone EP-81M is equipped with a microphone with a call-end button, which can also be used to control playback (resume / pause). The quality of the calls is decent and the handsets work seamlessly with both Android and Windows Phone. Naturally, they are equally well made and equipped as a peer-reviewed set. How can they differ? As you can see both the quality of workmanship, the equipment and the sound. In this case, we get well-prepared equipment, very well done, the majority of which should surprise positively. I am aware that there will be malcontents who do not digest any form of conformism and contempt for the bass set. You can anyway. But here we are not dealing with cheap cleansing.

SnaB Overtone EP-81M
The SnaB Overtone EP-81M simply provides a powerful, energetic sound in which the higher registers may be a bit dim, but still present and clear, and the whole thing sounds consistent and, just, well. Given the fact that no major flaws in more than a month of intensive testing have been unraveled, we give the SnaB Overtone EP-81M a recommendation and award for outstanding value for money. Keep it up!