The Black Beauty Sony SBH70Bk Wireless Headphones

Sony SBH70BK Headphones is a black wireless beauty that is water resistant and has dimensions in LWH of 2.87inches, 0.02 inches and 5.27 inches. It weighs just 0.8 ounces and has a battery made of Lithium ion. The headphones can be fitted just right, into the ear and is most comfortable to use. As everyone knows the superior sound quality of Sony applies to the SonySBH70BK wireless headphones too, which is just right, as it fits into the ear snugly providing great music. The shape of the earbuds is equally good similar to the sound quality, which is soothing to the ear during workouts. Further, it has noise, echo and wind cancellation features that give perfect clarity, as you speak over the phone. The water-resistant feature helps the product to be used anywhere and the user need not be deterred from using it outdoors even if there is a drizzle. The headset takes your voice commands very easily. Your phone does what it is told to add or can also have an added audio bookmark connected to Lifelog, by using the headset. The ergonomic earbuds make it most comfortable to use, even for lengthy hours, while its lightweight makes it discreet settled in the ear, while being used on your way to work or even through your lengthy workouts or when you are out on a brisk run. It makes enjoying music, as music is meant to be enjoyed. Check also best Sony earbuds on the market.

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Chief Features

  • Sony SBH70BK is water resistant with IP57.
  • The battery capacity is for an enormous duration of 650 hours with talk time of 8.5 hours. The streaming time is 6 hours which is one of the best among the headphones categories.
  • The NFC one touch makes it easy to use while the Bluetooth Voice can be activated by both dialing and vibration.


The SonySBH70BH is made by Sony Mobile and is distributed by them, which makes them easily available in the UK and in the European countries. With fantastic sound quality that is associated with Sony models has a good quality mic too that is perfect, especially when making calls too. The battery lasts long and is perfect while exercising especially as it is wireless and is a perfect fit on the ear. The product is aesthetically good along with its excellence in sound quality. It pairs perfectly with iPhone 6 as well as with 6S. It is lightweight and its coating which is almost like rubber has a good grip that does allow it to slip through the fingers easily. The audio company is a legitimate one that is known for producing excellent quality in sound.


Of course, the battery is good, but after 6 months of use, the battery life starts to fall faster and sometimes lasts only for about 2 hours in terms of steaming time. The sound is awesome but the loudness is not sufficiently loud. The cables are a bit fragile which makes them delicate to use. They cannot be connected to the iPad though they can be connected to the iPhone.

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