Sports Headphones With Coaching Function

I deliberately describe the music experience first, because after the first establishment of Jabra Coach Wireless I did not run straight to the gym, and I checked them first as an alternative to other wireless headphones.

My ears are quite picky in terms of the shape of the headphones and I do not hide that I’m not a fan of intrusion solutions. They are, however, in many cases much more practical, and intensive sports training is a good example. You can mute with headphones, but the bumps, bumps,

The first two days were not very comfortable for me. But just as the headphones should soar, so my ears had to get used to the shape of Jabra. Finally, they accepted the tested headphones. I find Jabra Coach Wireless deserves to be very comfortable and do not interfere with sports and daily activities.

Wireless headphones are, in the case of an active lifestyle, a feature that can not be overestimated. Jabra took care not to spoil the advantages of such a solution. The headphones are connected with a good-length cable – it does not impede the head movements (in practice, it can be worn so that the cable rests on the neck or under our beard), it is quite short and long enough to not feel good when the headphones are placed on The neck and shoulders will fall right down to the ground even when we make rapid movements.

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Jabra Sport Wireless Coach and Music
The overall listening experience of the peer-to-peer review is at least good, considering that it is Bluetooth, and that the main receiver of the headphones will not be audiofiles. Jabra creates a nice wide sound stage, with a distinctive diameter. Bas is also present and can be considered as decent, but there is a problem.

I have not always managed to get a good separation from the environment. While at home, where it is quiet, and even during the run, it did not bother you very much, it was very much affected by the use of headphones in the city gwarze or in noisy train. However, when I was able to adjust the headphones properly, there was an amazing difference right away.

Putting on the headphones
Since each ear is constructed differently, the degree of separation from the environment may depend to a large extent on the user, and therefore the bass depth assessment does not need to be binding.

Phone calls are basically a feature that can not be missed in Jabra headphones. Suffice it to say that the tested model proved to be very good in this respect.

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless as coach
A voice assistant with a nice, unbearable voice, proved herself to be unmoved. However, naming it as a virtual trainer / trainer is a misuse, at least if we require a proper training plan from that person. However, if we develop one, then motivation works great. Combined with good sound quality, comfortable wearing (at least in my case), we have exactly what we expect from a sports headset. But I realize that not everyone will accept this state of affairs.

Jabra Sport Life software allows you to schedule training for a large number of activities, although it is obvious that not every one. For what have been created headphones, and this is primarily cross-sectional training, they fall out very well.

However, Jabra did not avoid certain shortcomings. Strongly advertised and useful in cross-country or cross-country competitions, the Track Fit sensor is completely unsuccessful in exercises that consist in repetitive motion sequences. It is a pity, because the automatic counting of sit-ups or push-ups seems to be the activity for which the sensor should be used in the headphones.

And so the end of the exercise, which is the purpose of the given number of repetitions, should be confirmed by pressing the button on the left handset. Very well, that button exists, because this smartphone could actually stay in my bag.

Running time on battery for training is sufficient, although longer activity (meaning more than 5 hours) is out of reach of the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless battery. In this case I would not complain, more important is when we want to use headphones mainly for listening to music.

Summary and verdict
Headphones are something that gives us a bit of extravagance. Is this justified? From the perspective of a person who has been practicing a lot with music, the tested handsets are the perfect solution. On the other hand, a fan of high end audio equipment may feel a bit disappointed, as the amount of money for the handset is quite a bit anyway, especially when they have undoubtedly a problem with separation from the environment. On the other hand, audiophile on the gym? No, I do not exclude this possibility, but he will still go for even more expensive equipment and not to use it during training.

And how will Jabra look at the average user, someone who is looking for a good opportunity and a universal product? Surely it will cost you, and rightly, but will respect the comfort offered by the tested handsets during exercise. There are some shortcomings – especially not the potential of the motion sensor – and this should not be forgotten. However, the general picture that we get after the tests is a good product that, despite the Sport tag, will also work well in other applications.