SteelSeries Wireless H is the Headset King

It is compatible with all consoles. It is elegant. It is independent of battery power. It is solidly made. It is hellish road. The SteelSeries Wireless H is the best cordless headset I’ve ever had on my head.

I have in my collection many successful headset for players. HyperX line wins in budget category. PlayStation 4 is the perfect Sony Wireless. All this, however, fades away with the reliable, wireless, elegant and durable SteelSeries Wireless H battery. I have never had such a good headset ever! Go and see: “Samsung Wireless Earbuds”. Find Beats earbuds at this page…
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Headphones that you do not have to hide when you visit me.

ELEGANCE. Word – the key, which lacks dedicated hardware tones (too) rich players. Keyboards look like futuristic weapons, laptops like cosmic jets, and controllers alive out of science fiction movies – you know what I’m writing about. All these are projects that teenagers without two views look lusty eyes. However, if you are an older and wealthy player in the wallet, all these lights and lasers are no longer an advantage.

The light-emitting keyboard or mouse with more LEDs than shop windows is the SteelSeries trademark. That’s why I’m not happy that the best wireless headset on this manufacturer’s offer is simple, elegant and perfectly fits into the modern living room. It’s not a kid’s kid’s gear, but a premium premium headset. A headset that looks great on home theater or the eighth generation console.

SteelSeries Wireless H is aesthetically made hardware. The headset has a compact design, consistent in appearance and material. The plastic, uniform and gently rubberized form is lined with leather wherever the earphones come in contact with the player’s body. The black matte surface shakes the texture of the earmuffs, while the microphone with the LED is ejected and at first glance virtually invisible. Wireless headphones can easily be hung over the edge of the TV. They can stay there without falling into the eye and taking up really little space.

They do not push, they do not hang, they are not pregnant, they do not heat – it is almost perfect.
I suffer from frequent migraine headaches. Because of this, the weight and the headphone pressure on my head (especially my temples) is particularly important to me and I pay double the attention. Fortunately, the SteelSeries Wireless H headset was at the set height. The ideal has run out of one element, but it is really good.

First of all – skin and pressure. Despite the plastic one-piece bow, the earphones do not press on the skull. Much of this is due to the headband that was made in a different shape than the human head. Lined with leather, the headset does not grip the player. On the other hand, they are certainly not loose earphones. They stick to the player’s head on almost every section of the structure, as every good handset should. Excellent sound insulation from the outside and correct weight distribution.

It is a pity that the SteelSeries Wireless H does not offer a nice cooling effect, just like models with aluminum exterior elements. Fortunately, this headset is not a source of excessive heat. Thanks to that, even in the long run you will not have the overwhelming urge to at least momentarily push the headset out of your head. Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or a console? While there are better solutions, the SteelSeries Wireless H will not disappoint.

More than a complete wireless gaming kit.
The most impressive part of the set is not the handset, but the external sound card. This power draws from a USB connection and has two analog sockets and optical input and output. So we have all the solutions and standards that will allow you to connect your card to your computer and ALL Sony consoles and Microsoft’s seventh and eighth generation consoles. The most interesting yet is just before us.

The external soundcard is at the same time the command center of the SteelSeries Wireless H. The black, elegant box has a simple but nice OLED display that allows you to profile and make important changes during the game. What’s great, ChatMix and LiveMix bookmarks even allow you to balance the volume of voice communication and game sounds. Revelation. This is one of the most important, too rare, features in headset to play.

The kit includes a wiring harness – an adapter with replaceable terminals, a USB cable, an analog cable, an optical cable, a power cord … The kit is complete, complete and not only allows you to connect the SteelSeries Wireless H to each leading platform, Sound card for the transition device connected directly to the TV. Story.

In the Wireless SteelSeries Wireless H you never have to worry about the battery.

This is one of the most practical solutions I have ever encountered. In the set you will find two batteries. One of them goes to the headphones. The second … to the controller – the external sound card. The device has a charging bay, while the OLED screen in real time shows us the battery charge status. How cool is that ?!

Thanks to that the battery replacement takes place at an express rate. When one battery performs its life, we slide out the other, fully charged from the pocket and insert into the headphone jack. This operation takes no more than 10 seconds. During further gameplay, the battery starts to charge for approximately 10 hours after another 10 hours. Perpetuum mobile.

End with the need to “recharge”. End with “wireless” handsets that are constantly hanging on the cable, because we forget to recharge the battery immediately after the game. The SteelSeries Wireless H is a simple substitute. You do not have to think about anything else later. So simple and so practical. Finally.

Twelve meters – enough for every player.
Manufacturers boast that the straight line SteelSeries Wireless H allows you to maintain radio communications up to 12 meters (Bluetooth out). Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of checking it at home. My apartment is tight, simple and winding. But what I could do was to test the power of the transmitter in other rooms or even behind the walls.

The SteelSeries Wireless H made it easy for me to get to the kitchen next to the living room. In the straight line, I was separated from the transmitter by two walls (big plate, block of flats). Still, I could still chat online with my friends. What’s great, the broken connection is resumed immediately without any synchronization process. As for the lag – these just do not exist. Zero. Nada. Null.

Okay, but how is this game?
Let’s move on to the most important sound quality in the game. Let’s start with the banal – wireless headset still does not play as well as the headsets on the cable. For this obvious reason SteelSeries Wireless H will be worse than SteelSeries 9H, for example. But if you’re going to use a headset just for games and movies – you will not find a more practical and more satisfying solution.

The SteelSeries Wireless H supports Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic IIx technologies. On personal computers you can deal with virtual surround sound 7.1. On consoles we are limited to virtual 5.1, which in absolutely no bother. This is mainly for 5.1 manufacturers of games create audio layers and it is this standard that dominates the consoles. The headset volume is 100dB SPL, while the frequency range is 20 to 20000Hz.

Time for conclusions. How do I get Wireless H during the game? In my opinion very well, although to the ideal a bit ran out. In most games, medium and high tones are the most important. The SteelSeries wireless headset should not have anything to blame on this field. Sounds are definitely not smoothed out. It’s a vegetable, perfect for explosions, gunshots, engine sounds and screams of our opponents. Without the feeling of artificial raise.

Experience – the most film. Everything is shaking here and falling apart. Sound quality is instantly absorbed. There are no jams. People who are accustomed to cinemas will feel at home. Also good separation of bands. This is not a special razor, but the bands do not overlap, more sounds (mizeria) do not tire during the game. On the contrary – SteelSeries Wireless H is a typical “set and play” headset. No unnecessary setup and listening. Position for player, not audiofile.

As for spatial sound – you will no doubt find out where the opponents are coming from, where the water drips and whether the music comes from the background of the scene or maybe from its front. Left, right, up, down – you’ll know what the source is, whether it’s on the computer (7.1) or on the console (5.1). Thanks to the SteelSeries Wireless H, I really threw at Destiny, knowing the enemy’s position beyond my reach. I checked the headset on dozens of titles (PS4 and PC) and did not fail me once.

You can hook up to low tones. But there will be no surprise. The SteelSeries Wireless H is an expensive hardware for recognizable branding players. The target group is not aware of music lovers who enjoy alternative, much cheaper alternatives. Of course, listen to music on Wireless H as much as possible, but do not lie – not without reason, the headsets for the players have in the markets a different place than the normal headphones. These are two completely different product groups with different uses.

Take or not take?
The SteelSeries Wireless H is at this moment my favorite wireless headset. For a few reasons. First of all – the headset offers more than enough sound with good quality midrange and highs. Secondly – virtual surround sound, even on consoles, really gives you advice. Third – the solution with replaceable battery is CAPITAL. Wireless H is the first headset without a cable, in which I simply do not have to worry about charging.

Fourth, the balance between the voice chat and game sounds is an extremely important option. Fifth, the headset is extremely versatile. You will connect it to your PC, X360, XONE, PS3, PS4 and mobile devices. Sixth in the end – how it looks! At last I got equipment for the players, which is elegant and does not look like a spaceship. In principle, I am opposed to buying products signed as “for players”. It’s usually overpriced peripherals, which lack performance to overtake good marketing. This time it is different. The SteelSeries Wireless H is a versatile and extremely practical set. Headset, which is enough for you years, regardless of platform.

It’s just the best, most functional and well thought out wireless headset I’ve ever encountered. There is no chance we will part.