Still in Early 90’s Most Devices Suited Only One Function

In times of intelligent electronics, the boundaries between functions of individual devices are blurred. TVs are no longer used exclusively for watching television programs, and phones – just for ringing. This is a true technological boom. We are witnessing gigantic transformations, the violent succession of solutions that almost change the world around us from year to year. Smartphones, smartwatches, Smart TVs, Smart Home and virtual reality are just some of the examples of rapid technology development. We used to need tens of years to develop a product, to create tools that will enable or facilitate us. Since when the technological momentum has gained momentum, it really hard to keep it. All you have to do is look around you at the city square, at the electronics store, at a meeting with your friends. Electronics have already matured for good in our daily lives. And the possibilities and destiny of individual equipment is getting wider and more advanced. We used to need tens of years to develop a product, to create tools that will enable or facilitate this. Since when the technological momentum has gained momentum, it is really hard to keep up with him.
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The turn of the 1940s and 1950s. The intensive work on the first mobile phones was under way. These, however, did not resemble those cells that we carried in our pockets a few years ago. Ba! They did not even remind us of the stationary phones we used to make Christmas wishes. The cell phone was a 40-kilogram suitcase that cost as much as a new car. It was not until the 1970s that a real cell phone was created. This weighed “only” less than a kilogram and the dimensions resembled … brick. Hence, the common term “brick” came into being, which we call old and top phones. For such a brick to enter the market, it had to wait another ten years. So, in a nutshell, it can be said that forty years have taken the marketing of the first cell. Her possibilities were -. As for those times – phenomenal! She made calls wirelessly. And that’s it. We had to wait for the first sent SMS … yet another ten years, until December 1992.

Years ago we were in the technology segment. We discovered, learned, learned. Of course, it took a long time, of course. We just moved from mobile phones to first smartphones. These are now a kind of standard, whose possibilities and potential are increasingly seemingly endless. Every year, new and newer phones are being introduced to the market with more and more advanced technology. Of course, this is an unstoppable miniaturization process, which significantly increases the capabilities of smartphones. Who would have thought 10 years ago that the cell phone would have a better camera than the cult “digital” then? Who would have thought that within one minute we would share our holiday photos with a bunch of your friends on social networking sites? And the most important -. Would it ever come to our minds that most of the things we used to do on our computers would be taking over these little phones?
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On the market you can choose from waterproof smartphones, boldly shaped screens, perfect cameras, a host of fun and easy-to-use features. For example, recently in our test we called Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones almost perfect. Why “almost”? Because we know that not all is said that the smartphone is still not ideal, because technology is still developing.

But technological momentum is not just a smartphone. It is also the whole ecosystem that has grown around this device. Smartwatch is yet another example of the fact that the destiny of the device, which has accompanied us for years (in this case only to guard the passing time), can also be redefined. Already hard to tell the smart watch from a smartwatch on someone’s wrist. The latter, however, serves more than just displaying moving clues. This is also a second phone. Displays notifications, measures our physical activity, monitors sleep, lets you browse Instagram, read messages on Messenger. And in some cases, like in the Gear family, we will make or receive calls or send a text message from the wrist. And if we want to leave the phone at home or forget about it at all, we put a SIM card into the watch. Smartwatch, like a smartphone, we can also pay in the store for shopping. These are devices designed for the safety of consumers. In case of emergency, users can activate, for example, the SOS feature with location tracking to notify families, friends, and emergency response personnel even when they are out of the phone.
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So in a very short time it was possible to “push” a number of other devices to the smartphone and give it a function that no other hardware has ever seen before. But going forward, with the technological mind and the progress of miniaturization, we put a smartphone on the wrist or … we put into the virtual reality goggle and move into a completely different dimension. VR (virtual reality) is another proof that technology can surprise us. Virtual reality technology is applicable in both the usable and the entertainment field. It provides us with tools to handle many of the problems that life and civilization have to deal with. It also provides a field for the pure intellectual enjoyment that games can give. VR applications can be a multitude – from business to business to pure entertainment. Something we’ve just been seeing lately in sci-fi films is now at our fingertips. The first example from the shore – this year in London took a breakthrough event in the world of music and virtual reality. The Years & Years gave the first interactive live coverage of virtual reality on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone and Gear VR. With the ability to select images from three different camera angles, the Samsung Gear VR allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in a concert for the first time. Event participants had the opportunity to watch the performance from a first-class perspective, being on the stage with the band, and even over the stage. All this live. How many of us dreamed of standing next to our favorite star on stage? Thanks to virtual reality such dreams are at hand.

And while staying in the sphere of visual experience, it is worth looking at Smart TV for a moment. Times when watching television meant limiting the broadcasting schedule offered by the broadcasters was over. With access to the internet everyone can create their own individual list of programs, fully tailored to the mood or mood. For surfing the web we often use mobile devices, but it is still not comfortable. With Smart TV, you do not need to boot your computer to watch online programs. The built-in Wi-Fi network adapter allows you to have a comfortable, wireless connection to your TV set with the Internet, and what does that mean? Access to a number of applications, including YouTube or video on demand, as well as family-friendly games. This means that we have the ability to watch the latest high-definition film and series production and with very good sound. If we reach for a smartphone, its resources can also be viewed on TV screens. In a larger group, it is much more convenient to brag about vacation pictures on a larger, clearer display. And while staying with smartphones – you sometimes happen to put a remote control somewhere on your TV or just leave it too far when you’ve comfortably settled on the couch? And here the smartphone turns out to be a great complement because it can replace the remote.

It is hard to believe that even in the early 1990s, most devices performed only one function. Technological development has made us expect many functions from every device, while retaining ease of use. This is a task for producers who have not lost themselves in this electronic gush and are constantly amazed by their ideas.