The Symphonized NRG Bluetooth Headphone

Headphone comes with a wireless wood with Noise-isolation provided in-ear. A Mic and Volume Control is also provided. The device is a black beauty, which is small in size and delightful to look at. The product comes in dimensions of 2.5 X 7 X 1.2 inches. The volume-control is an additional feature that is unique to the device. With its acoustical properties, the Symphonized gives life to musical instruments when played in various occasions and concert halls that has been a favorite among the music-lovers. Another unique feature of the Symphonized products is the way they are assembled manually and tested for accuracy, so that every device is perfect for usage. As it is compatible for all Bluetooth devices, it helps in wireless listening of favorite tunes. The device is handcrafted and is made from wood. This blend of artistry with acoustics provides superior sound of the highest quality that can be got only with wood. The wood stands out from the other plastic devices. The built-in microphone helps t o make and take phone calls easily. The volume control makes it easily accessible for the user. The deep, rich bass and the crisp volume is another beneficial feature along with its non-breakable property. To add to its richness, it comes with an eco-friendly pouch to help in carrying the various accessories safely in place. There are 6 pairs of silicon tips attached with the device for small, medium and large fittings. Comfort wings are also provided to make the earbuds more secure.

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  • The most unique feature that makes it stand apart from others is the fact that the device is made from natural wood. The handcrafted wood helps to produce a very good bass tone with warmth and richness. The wireless technology makes the user free from cables. Using Bluetooth technology, it can be heard even from 33 feet away, on all devices enabled by Bluetooth.
  • It provides 8 hours playtime with a charging time of 2 hours. The wireless headphones make the device usable while doing all types of workouts.
  • The Symphonized wireless earbuds are light-weight and most comfortable to use. They fit snugly into the ears of the user, especially as they are provided in various sizes of small, medium and large.
  • The volume controls helps in controlling the music, as well as making and taking calls easily. With the Bluetooth headphones, all controls are made easy. They can be fitted to all types of devices such as tablets, Androids, Smarphones and iPhones.

Pros and Cons

  • Good sound quality for the price paid.
  • Battery is a little weak when compared with the hours promised by the company.
  • The bluetooth is not as strong as one would want it to be.

Over the past few years, the demand for bluetooth devices which are wireless have been on the rise. The face that the Symphonized NRG Bluetooth is actually wooden is what makes it extra special and in-demand.

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