TEKPLUS Bluetooth Headphones

This pair of Bluetooth headphones from TEKPLUS is great for people who are looking for a device that they can use when they are on the move without the need to access the cell phone. Here are some of their top features.

Warranty: The device comes with a 12 months warranty and a 30 days return policy which is based on no-questions asked. This is proof for the level of quality that the Bluetooth headphones provide to its users. In fact, the no-questions asked warranty indicates a challenge to the users who use it and wish to return it.

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Battery Life and Technology: The device comes with a 150 mAh battery which lasts up to 12 hours when used continuously. It comprises of a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can be recharged within a short span of 2 hours and has an amazing stand-by time of 240 hours. Moreover, it also comprises of an intelligent CSR 4.1 chip which have audio rapid conversation and independent operation. Pairing is extremely quick and you will be able to use this device with other Bluetooth enabled ones which lie about 30 feet away.

Waterproof Sweatproof: If you are worried about the amount of sweat that will be on your Bluetooth headphones when you are using it during your workout time or when you are simply jogging, the sweat proof nature of the device will put you at ease. This is because the internal nano-coating and water-resistant shell will ensure that your device has double layer of water protection. They are also built perfectly for cycling, hiking, jogging, running, sports, exercise and gym.

Fit: Another important aspect to consider when choosing the Bluetooth device is the comfort that one gets when wearing it around your ears. In fact they should be fit in a comfortable and snug manner so that they are prone to fall off when you start your exercise routine or when you start walking. This is why TEKPLUS makes use of super light weight material to make the ear buds which are further provided with adjustable ear hooks in order to ensure that it fits the ears of the users without any hassle. Moreover, the absence of wires will also save you the trouble of getting disturbed as they have switched to a friendlier neckband style of wearing.

Noise Cancellation: When using a Bluetooth device, you should not be worried about the clarity at which your voice reaches the receivers end nor the clarity at which you are able to listen to the conversation. This is why noise cancellation will come in handy to help you deliver and receive the information without any interference from background noises.

Pros and Cons:

  • There are many ear pieces available and you can pick the one that will suit your ear.
  • Noise Cancellation property is also top-notch.
  • If you listen keenly, you will notice that you are getting heavy bass instead of normal bass which makes for bad quality of sound.

Price & reviews on Amazon.com