The Test Ear Headphones For Players

Headphones for players are mainly associated with headset with closed shells. The problem is that we are increasingly playing not only on PCs or fixed consoles, but also on mobile devices. Closed handsets simply do not work well on the road – they occupy space, focus us on unnecessary attention, and sometimes they simply are not compatible with specific equipment. This is why Genius has decided to introduce the GX Gaming series to its GX Gaming series, which will appeal to mobile gamers.

Zabius M looks nice at first sight. A 1.2-meter flat, red-black cable is less likely to break loose than a traditional round cable – and it’s much easier to untangle. Black earphones and microphone add silver accents. In the set you will find three earbuds that give the user the chance to perfectly fit the earphones to their ear (or rather the channel). In my case, the smallest size was the best. In addition, we will also find a 3.5 mm mini jack adapter that will separate the microphone and speaker signals on devices with separate audio inputs. The manufacturer also thought of a stylish cover and snap hook, so that the headphones attach to the strap from the backpack or trousers.

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I do not really like intrusive earphones, and I had doubts whether Zabius M would answer me. But within a few minutes after the foundation I practically forgot that I have them in my ears. It’s not just the same, comfortable overlays, but also neodymium transducers that make the headphones lighter than traditional ferrites. Listening to the audiobook on my smartphone once I even fell asleep in them – afternoons in no way hurt my ears and I did not feel any discomfort. Most often I used them for PlayStation Vity, where they worked great even in games that generate deep bass. Although I use a professional headset for the desktop, after switching to the Zabius M, I did not feel any significant deterioration. Sure, it’s not the same as Dolby 7.1, but there’s nothing to cheat on – we will not find anything better at this price.

Not the game itself, however, man lives. I also decided to test Zabius in more extreme conditions, ie when running. Until now, all my in-ear or intrusive earphones have been ejected by me. The best way to date is Sony SBH20, which I have improved myself in the course of average a few hundred meters. Zabius M in this respect is sensational. I would really have to nod hard to get my headphones out. So if you do not just play and also do sport – Zabius M will satisfy you.

It is worth mentioning that the headphones do not suppress the sounds from the environment 100{44525d09b54d63d0640f36f542f96eae395dfc95b7ea0f6bb173830596e28216}. In the case of ear piercing, I really do not like the feeling when I start to hear my own heartbeat just after they are set up. Zabius M lets you hear the sound of the surroundings so that when listening to the music, you can also hear the sound of a car coming close to you. Not all of it will fit so I’m allergic to no disappointment.

The microphone works pretty average. Conversations can be made, but if we are outdoors and the cable hangs loose (ie when the microphone is not very close to the mouth), it may happen that our interlocutor will not hear us clearly. At home, it’s better – we’ll use it for voice chat in the games. If you are looking for a universal headset, not only for mobile gaming, you should consider offering Taiwanese manufacturer .2k ohm /4.5 VDC