10 Best Earbuds under $50

Best Cheap Earbuds

Cycling, walking, going to the gym, going to work, in the kitchen – people are wearing earbuds everywhere they can. These tiny, small devices are known for their ability to transfer sound from electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and iPods to our ears. They are much more practical compared to headphones because they are smaller and provide more flexibility and freedom of movement. The main goal of using earbuds is that an individual can enjoy songs, digital music, audio books and other digital audio files without disrupting the peace around. Even though they are small, the sound they create has a great quality. The best part is that even cheap earbuds can help you enjoy music.

In order to save some money and still get everything you want from your earbuds, you should focus on buying the best cheap earbuds. Namely, there are dozens of in-ear headphones like this in the market made of good materials. The best earbuds under $50 are also good for the listener’s ears, so you don’t have to worry about that. In addition, the best budget earbuds come in different sizes and shapes. If you are not sure which headphones are the best for you, check our list.

#1 TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

  • Innovative design that makes these earbuds look great and comfortable to wear (especially the built-in magnets)
  • Premium sound quality with great balance – one of the best when it comes to earbuds under 50
  • Excellent battery life (up to 5 hours) and quick charging (no more than one hour)
  • USB charging which is very convenient
  • A few accessories
  • Efficient noise cancellation technology

  • Reports of slight battery capacity loss after intense use

If you are interested in great earbuds at a reasonable price, then you must take Taotronics Bluetooth model into consideration. When TaoTronics released this product a couple of years ago, they had two things in mind – comfort and perfect sound. The added bonus is that these earbuds are cheap too.


One of the common complaints of headphones users is that wires make them feel limited or even distracted. Taotronics Bluetooth earbuds come without any wires and still, they will stay in your ears even if you are making rapid movements. The latest Bluetooth 4.1 in this model lets users listen to premium-quality sounds and music wirelessly. You can workout in the gym or walk your dog without feeling restricted. In addition, they weigh only 0.48 ounces, so you can easily forget that you are wearing them. These headphones come with special built-in magnets. They are used when people are not using the earbuds – they can simply attach the headphones together and wear them as some sort of futuristic necklace.


As one of the best budget earbuds, the package of these earbuds brings more than you expect. Namely, besides the earbuds, you will also get a detailed user manual, a charging cable, three ear hooks and three ear tips. All of this for less than 50!


The sound quality plays a crucial role in the process of choosing the best cheap earbuds. Obviously, TaoTronics TT-BH07 is the best in this field. The reputable manufacturer has included the latest technology in order to let users hear the ultimate sound quality for the price. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology allows you to stream premium-quality sound without any loss of quality. It also has a ceramic antenna that strengthens the signal and keeps you safe from interferences. This means that you cannot expect breaks or noises in almost any situation. This model of cheap headphones also includes CVC 6.0 Noise Cancellation technology which has the ability to remove surrounding noise and makes the sound louder and clearer. Finally, the battery life is very long too (5 hours of playtime).

Overall, Taotronics Bluetooth earbuds are a great investment. They are very cheap and provide some features that can’t be found even in some high-end models of earbuds.

#2 Phaiser BHS-730

  • These earbuds come with a lifetime warranty which is obviously a sign that the manufacturer believes in their quality
  • Powerful, energetic bass
  • Special liquipel nanocoating for ultimate water resistance
  • Outstanding noise isolation

  • Not the best build quality

The Phaiser BHS-730 are made for the active people. It doesn’t really matter whether you are interested in running or you enjoy long walks to or from work – these earbuds will meet and exceed your expectations. Phaiser is a company that has already built a strong reputation and it seems that this is one of their best cheap earbuds released in the past few years.


When you first take a look at these headphones, you will notice that they are different. It looks like the designers have invested a lot of time and effort to come up with unique earbuds. This specific model comes with a unique wearing style that allows users to keep these earbuds in the same spot even during intense physical activities. On the other hand, the flexi memory wire can easily adjust to the shape and size of the head and it is practically sealed to it. You won’t find better listening experience than this. The Liquipel Nano Coating is here to prevent damaged caused by water so don’t worry about your sweaty workouts in the gym. In fact, they will be perfectly fine even after a direct dropping into water too.

It’s also good to mention that they have a built-in microphone which replicates user’s voice in a perfect way and reads out aloud the number of the caller when you are getting a call.


This is another reason why Phaiser BHS-730 are so popular these days. Namely, the manufacturer will provide not just the earbuds, but also a unique Phaiser energy bracelet that is supposed to relieve stress and a pair of quality comply ear tips.


Phaiser BHS-730 comes with a pair of premium-quality speakers (8 mm) and the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. This powerful combination provides precise High-definition sound and an energetic bass. Thanks to the special tips covered with memory foam, users are getting a perfect isolation from any source of external noise. These special tips also improve the quality of bass.  It is worth mentioning that the bass can affect the clarity of sound, but this change is so small that you probably won’t notice it unless you are focused on this issue.

Phaiser BHS-720 is an excellent product, especially for those practicing an active life. The only downside is the low build quality. However, the lifetime warranty that comes with these earbuds makes them worth the investment.

#3 SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

  • Wireless and waterproof earbuds for optimal flexibility
  • Long battery life (up to 9 hours)
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • Lightweight
  • A wide range of accessories included in the box
  • Compatible with devices that have Bluetooth technology

  • Don’t have a microphone

Working out and listening to music doesn’t have to be a difficult task and SENSO Bluetooth Headphones are here to confirm that. Senso may not be one of the oldest manufacturers of earbuds, but thanks to this model they have managed to get a lot of fans. These Bluetooth headphones are perfect for people who are working out because they have a design and performance created with their needs in mind.


The SENSO Bluetooth headphones are made in accordance with the latest IPX-7 waterproof standards. This means that all the sweating that is typical for workout sessions won’t affect their integrity. In addition, they have an ergonomic design that guarantees that they will stay in your ear regardless of your movement and that you practically won’t feel them even after long use. These earbuds use gel flex technology to snug comfortably inside your ear. The different ear tips are here for even better fit and comfort They also have a modern appearance that doesn’t look too aggressive or sporty.


The best earbuds under $50 usually have a set of accessories that make the product even more interesting and attractive and Senso Bluetooth Headphones are not an exception. Namely, they come with a beautifully designed carrying case that looks quite durable. In addition, there are three sets of ear tips – small, medium and large for optimal comfort. The product also includes a short charging cable, a detailed user manual, cable management clip for added safety, short charging cable specially designed for Apple and Android products and dual port USB car charger. This is probably the best set of accessories found in budget earbuds.


SENSO Bluetooth Headphones provides true High-definition high fidelity sound. This is possible thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology implemented in it. It also has advanced acoustic elements that create top-notch sound quality with clear and deep bass and perfect treble. Only a small number of cheap headphones can beat SENSO Bluetooth Headphones when it comes to sound quality.

In addition, it’s good to know that these earbuds have passive noise cancellation feature and allow hands-free calling and simple controls for volume, play, pause and skip.

SENSO Bluetooth headphones are able to create the perfect, clear sound that active people want while they are working out. They have some excellent features and come with many different accessories. Obviously, there are a few downsides, but overall they are a great product.

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#4 TaoTronics Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

  • Excellent sound quality
  • High volume
  • Beautiful design

  • Satisfactory microphone

TaoTronics is one of the most popular brands when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. This company managed to build a strong reputation in a relatively short period of time. The combination of excellent build and outstanding sound quality at a reasonable price turned out to be perfect for this market. The TT-BH16 Bluetooth in-ear headphones are a good example of this success.


The TT-BH16 headphones come with a modern oval design with discreet gray rings with imprinted TT logo on them. So, from the first moment, you can notice that you are dealing with truly professional earbuds. The small dimensions and very lightweight construction bring the necessary comfort for the wearer. This makes them suitable for very long listening sessions. While we are talking about the style and comfort it’s good to point out that the comfort affects the fit because the manufacturer had to make them with a little bit shallow profile. It’s actually difficult to run with these headphones unless you are prepared to keep pressing them all the time. A slower activity won’t make any problems. Of course, you can always use longer ear tips.

The Bluetooth 4.1 technology makes listening simpler and more effective. The synchronization of devices is easy and quick.


TaoTronics is focused on surprising users with the things found inside the box of each product they have. So, in addition to the beautiful earbuds, users will also find few other things in the box. First of all, there is a high-quality USB charging cable for quick charging on any device. There is a standard user manual too. But, what is even more interesting is the presence of six ear tips and six ear hooks. So, you’ll get a lot of spare parts which is great although the quality of every component of this product is high.


The TaoTronics Bluetooth in-ear headphones come with 2 audio drivers strategically positioned on each side. They are here to provide balanced audio and an ideal sound display. They may not be compared to the high-end models, but they work great. The creators of this model have made from casual listening of music in relatively loud places. The headphones allow high volume which means that even if you are in a place where loud music is played, this won’t affect your listening experience.

What every potential user should know is that the range is around 25 feet, so you can’t leave your mobile device very far if you want to enjoy music. This specific model comes with a microphone, but we can describe its quality as barely satisfactory.

This is one of the best earbuds for the price.

#5 Samsung Level U pro

  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life (up to 9 hours)
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sweat and splash resistant
  • Modern design
  • Possibility to get Ultra High-Quality Audio sound

  • Somewhat scratchy treble

As one of the largest tech companies in the world, it is quite natural for Samsung to have earbuds in its offer. Samsung Level U pro is a proof that Samsung is taking care of every type of customers including the ones that are looking to find the best budget earbuds. Of course, as a professional company, Samsung never compromises with the quality of their products.


One of the first things that users are noticing in these headphones is the fact that they are extremely light. Of course, they also have a very attractive design. Since they are collar style headphones you should be prepared to spend some time with them until you start feeling completely comfortable. Don’t expect to get complete comfort when you are involved in intense exercising because they are not made for this purpose. The highly flexible joints made of urethane provide a comfortable fit for everyday activities and people of different builds.


Another great thing that buyers can expect is the accessories they get. So, in addition to the unique Samsung Level U pro earbuds, you will also get three sets of ear gels S, M and L. There is also an original Samsung Micro USB charging cable and a quick start guide written in a way that even complete beginner users can understand.


Samsung often advertises these in-ear headphones for their UHQA technology. Namely, when they are matched with a mobile Samsung device, these earbuds can create Ultra High-Quality Audio. This technology is capable of providing a 24-bit digital audio experience that comes with two times wider frequency range compared to standard wireless sound. In addition, in order to improve the listening experience, the manufacturer has used ear gels that can isolate noise. Even if you are in a loud environment, you should be able to get a clear sound. Needless to say, Samsung Level U pro can be connected with Samsung Level app. This app comes with features like Volume Monitor, SoundAlive and Text-to-Speech.

Finally, we should mention the two-way speaker units. These units provide HQ, clear sound. The microphone has a noise reduction feature and uses special echo cancellation technology that isolates outside sounds when you are making or receiving calls.

In case you like collar style headphones, then you should take Samsung Level U pro into account. Without any doubt, they are one of the best cheap earbuds at least when it comes to this style. They have many accessories and provide opportunities for synchronization with Samsung devices and use of different apps.

#6 Sennheiser CX 300 II

  • A powerful bass sound
  • Earbuds with excellent noise isolation
  • Wide soundstage with adequate instrument separation
  • Two-year warranty as a proof for their quality

  • Frequent problems caused by sweat
  • Asymmetrical, problematic cable

Sennheiser is one of the most famous audio companies not only in Germany but in the world too. This is one of the manufacturers that have products that audio fans either love or dislike, so you need to be careful. When it comes to the best budget earbuds, their CX 300 II model is probably your best option.


Truth be told, Sennheiser CX 300 II doesn’t come with a unique design, but that’s perfectly fine because the company decided to follow the appearance of another successful model the EP-630. In other words, we are talking about very small headphones with the simple and intuitive design. If you are looking for earbuds that will complement your style, you should probably look another model because these earbuds are focused on performance, not on style.

There are two versions white and black, so you can still use them to match your audio player. The price is the same for both versions, but white ones are rarer. While we are talking about the style and build, we must mention the asymmetrical cable that led to many negative reviews. The biggest problem, in this case, is that the design of the cable makes it easier for the buds to fall off especially when you are active and moving around. They could’ve solved this issue in a much better way.


It appears that Sennheiser has decided to keep things minimalistic even when it comes to accessories. Besides the enhanced bass headphones, you will also get three soft silicon ear tips in different sizes and a pouch for better storage and protection.


The good news is that all the other flaws we’ve mentioned are insignificant when we compare it to sound quality. Namely, this product offers an incredibly powerful bass and unique soundstage that will meet the needs even of the pickiest earbuds users. Even if you want to listen to intense music like a rock for hours, these headphones will still make you feel comfortable. The great sound makes listening music a truly enjoyable experience.

In addition to the great bass, you will certainly be delighted with the other frequencies too. You’ll notice that the vocals sound right and the highs are very clear and loud.

Sennheiser CX 300 II is a nice pair of earbuds that are best-known for their clear and loud sound, powerful bass and great sound isolation. The designing team could’ve done a better job with the cable, but generally speaking, these budget earbuds are a good option.

#7 Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint

  • High-quality sound
  • Comfortable wear
  • Efficient noise canceling
  • Punchy bass

  • A little bit heavy

With years of experience in the world of audio equipment, consumers expect nothing but the best products from Audio Technica. The ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint model deserves to be among the cheap top earbuds because they represent a unique combination of in-ear headphones with excellent noise isolation and noise-cancelling. That’s why many experts recommend them for busy environments.


This pair of earbuds has a unique appearance, so if you want to make yourself stand out, these headphones are for you. But, the odd shape is there for a reason – in this way you can insert them quite deeply inside your ears which will boost passive noise isolation. As a result of that, listeners can lower the volume and listen to music or other audio media for hours without worrying about their health.

Just like many other earbuds that belong to the category of best cheap earbuds, the Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint earbuds come in one color which is actually a combination of colors – black and silver. They have a professional finish and evergreen design which promise years of use. It is almost impossible for this design to get out of fashion in the near future.

The battery storage and volume control are a little bit bulky which is why these earbuds are slightly heavier. But, this doesn’t mean that they are too heavy or difficult to wear.


This is another category where Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint shines. The package comes with one additional pair of ear tips with different sizes, one AAA battery, a beautiful carry pouch and an airplane adapter with two prongs. We should mention that the carry pouch is based on cloth and you should not expect great protection from it, but it’s still a nice addition.


From the moment you use these headphones for the first time, you will notice that they produce a punchy bass that is able to recreate very deep bass frequencies without losing any details. The highs are quite energetic too.  That’s not a surprise because Audio Technica is known for this. Keep in mind that in order to listen to high-quality music you will need to use a good source. Low-quality music won’t sound great.

It’s worth mentioning that the noise canceling feature is at a very high level.

Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint is one of the best examples of the quality of work of this reputable company. They have shown that users don’t have to spend a fortune to get a pair of good earbuds. When compared to earbuds from this category, they provide much better sound quality and bass.

#8 SoundPEATS QY7

  • Ergonomic and stylish design, suitable for people following different styles
  • Excellent Bluetooth connection (up to 30 feet)
  • Stable and comfy feet
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Ideal for light to moderate activity

  • Micro-USB charger is a little bit fragile

SoundPEATS Audio may not be a well-known brand, but every company has to start somewhere and build a product that will help them get a good name. It seems that their QY7 model is one of these products. These are the perfect earbuds for busy and proactive individuals. The Bluetooth 4.1 headphones are delivering premium quality sound at more than reasonable price. They deserve to be on any list of cheap in-ear headphones under $50.


What is interesting about these Bluetooth earbuds is that they can be found in different colors. In fact, there are nine different combinations of colors available in the market. Another thing that’s great about them is that they have a smooth ergonomic design that will match the internal part of the ear. Users can easily adjust the volume with the control buttons on one of the earbuds. The other headphones comes with a button that lets you regulate play and pause, on and off and answering phone calls. Overall, these Bluetooth headphones represent a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

Finally, we should point out that these in-ear earbuds are lightweight (1.6 ounces) and can be used for many hours without any problems.


Inside the box of this product, you will find two sets of ear lobe stabilizers and three sets of headphones tips in three different sizes for better comfort. Additionally, there is a micro-USB charging cord that apparently does the job very well.


The SoundPEATS QY7 delivers excellent sound quality. When we compare it to other cheap earbuds we will notice that only a small number of them can match their sound quality. Even the bass is very powerful and clear. If you are worried about the Bluetooth connection don’t be because it is stable and won’t ruin your experience even when you are 30 feet away from the source. They are built for active people, but heavy workouts will probably result in some problems. However, if you are jogging, walking or hiking, you can rest assured that the earbuds will stay in place. Of course, the wireless style makes them more flexible and allows users freedom of movement. There is no point of using wires today when Bluetooth technology is so advanced.

SoundPEATS QY7 provide the same features as many other earbuds that are two times more expensive. They are solid and durable earbuds that complement the lifestyle of busy people.

#9 MEE audio M6 PRO

  • Very comfortable fit
  • Lightweight
  • Passive noise reduction
  • Compatible with a myriad of mobile devices
  • A wide range of accessories that users will get for fre
  • Certified water and sweat resistance

  • Relatively simple design

In case you didn’t know, MEE Audio is a reputable brand in the world of audio products. Their MEE Audio M6 PRO headphones are one of the best budget earbuds that seem to be strong in every aspect of performance and looks. They are usually recommended to active people who are not afraid to get sweaty.


When the designers were creating these earbuds they have obviously placed their focus on two things – comfortable and secure fit. So, their specific design allows users to find the perfect position and forget about them when they are active. These earbuds have a unique ergonomic design with flexible memory wire that makes them fit in every ear. MEE audio M6 PRO are also sweat and water resistant (IPX5 standards) and this certainly improves durability and comfort too. The special design drastically lowers noises from external sources.

When we are talking about style and design, it’s good to know that they are following the standards of minimalism so you can easily wear them with anything you want.


Even though this is a cheap product, it comes with a few interesting accessories that will make your listening experience even better. So, in addition to the great headphones, users will also get flexible memory foam ear tips for better comfort. The package also includes a nice protective carrying case, two shirt clips, six pairs of silicone ear tips, a spare cable, an adapter and a user manual.


MEE audio M6 PRO doesn’t have a volume control button, but it has excellent noise isolation so volume adjustment is not really necessary. You can expect crystal clear sound and no interference from external sources of sound. The dynamic bass will make almost every song sound more vibrant and enjoyable. The new driver that comes with a very thin diaphragm and the special aluminum voice coil is able to deliver better audio even during activities.

The microphone looks and works well and you won’t have any troubles receiving phone calls even when you are in a middle of some activity. The perfect fit will keep the earbuds in place.

If you are looking for earbuds under $50 make sure to add these earbuds on your list. It has a durable design that is created for active people. The clear sound and great bass guarantee hours of ultimate listening experience. The battery life is great too and the charging is fast.

#10 Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK

  • Excellent for people following a proactive lifestyle
  • A product created by a trusted brand
  • It relies on a standard jack making it compatible with a wide range of mobile devices
  • Available in many different colors
  • It comes with three pairs of ear buds

  • It doesn’t come with a microphone

Panasonic is one of the most recognizable brand names when it comes to electronics. They are known for their ability to create top-notch products and their earbuds are not an exception. The Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK is among the best cheap earbuds that will surprise you with its excellent durability and sound quality.


First of all, Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK are available in many different colors. So, think about your overall style and the color of your device before placing an order. Furthermore, these headphones have special ear tips that are probably one of a kind. They look a little bit odd, but they are easy and simple to wear. They add more comfort to the wearer making these earbuds ideal for everyday users. Just like all other headphones, they have cords too, but in this case, we are talking about very thin cords that contrary to popular belief are very durable and strong.

The ergonomic fit which is part of the name of these earbuds guarantees easy to use and increased the range of movement. These are small, simplistic headphones for modern men and women.


One might expect to get more accessories inside the box from a company like Panasonic, but besides the two pairs of ear tips, you can’t expect anything else. Well, given that their price is incredibly low, we can’t say that this is a disappointment.


These in-ear headphones provide 5-star sound and they can easily compete with much more expensive models. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you can expect to block the external sounds without any problems. In other words, Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK can be used in very noisy environments and areas. Some users are concerned with the long cord, but actually, this cord makes the use of these earbuds easier and simpler without affecting the quality of sound.

Regardless of the mobile device you use for listening to music, the quality of sound remains the same which is great.  The sensitivity level goes to up to 96 dB and the impedance is around 16 ohm per kHz. The frequency response between Hz and kHz is 20 – 20.

If you compare the performance and features that these earbuds have with their price, you will certainly agree that they are an excellent deal. They look great, they are delivering great sound and what is even better is that they are extremely cheap.

Final thoughts

In the last few years, we have been witnessing something really exciting – the rapid technological advancements. Thanks to these incredible advancements, electronics manufacturers are able to create useful and attractive products and offer it to consumers at a relatively low price. Obviously, earbuds are not an exception.

As you can see above, the list of best earbuds under $50 is long and includes models from reputable brands. When buying cheap earbuds, you must take a few things into consideration. First of all, you must focus on their overall design. Do they match your style? Do they look modern and stylish? Next, you should think about the price. As we already said, there is a myriad of great earbuds under 50 and some of them are cheaper than 10! So, the cost doesn’t play the most significant role today. Many experts say that users should look at the brand and this is the reason why we have listed headphones made from well-known and well-established brands.

Of course, there are some other technical indicators that might be even more important like the frequency, impedance, drivers, sensitivity and power handling capacity. Experts usually take these things into account when choosing any type of headphones.