Vasa BLA Sudio

The VASA BLA headphones claim that every detail of their headphones can be heard. Is this really true? We checked it out.

The flagship, Sudio VASA BLÅ wireless headphones hit us. Especially interested will be iPhone 7 users, because they can use Vasa Bla without any adapter.

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We open up!
The box closure is really nice. Once opened we discover two more boxes – the smaller of them are the headphones and the larger accessory kit. There is a good quality leather case. The other additions are an information book, four pairs of silicone gaskets (we collect five sets of different diameters together), a USB cable for charging the built-in rechargeable battery and a metal clip for attaching headphones to your clothes or bag.

Headphones are connected by a cable just over 50 cm in length. Built-in controller with microphone and volume and pause buttons. The controller also includes a battery status LED and a Bluetooth connection. There is one more module in the cable, with a battery and a micro USB connector. Both the battery module and the controller are covered on the edges with a thin layer of rubber. Headphones are also very light – weighing just 22 g.

The whole is interesting and solid. The design is Scandinavian – minimalist and universal. The overall quality of my work is also positive, except that the rubber layer on the controller and battery module, which is quite thin, seems to be susceptible to abrasion.

Battery performance
The manufacturer declares that the VASA BLÅ after a full charge of a 500 mAh battery will work for 8 hours. During the test, at maximum volume, they worked about 5 hours, while at a volume set to half the scale, the declared strength of 8 hours. So if we listen to music often and loudly, we may be forced to charge everyday.

Functionality and convenience
The range of wireless VASA BLÅ works in the open space reaches about 10 m, the room slightly falls, but still playing at 7-8 meters distance from the device. Not very friendly is the low-level signal – just breaks and irregular squeaks. Silicone inserts in different sizes allow you to fit your headphones quite precisely. In my case they kept quite well (only sometimes I had to gently improve them).

Controlling the playback process with the remote control is simple and intuitive – short presses of the + and – buttons adjust the volume and longer – switch the song.

Quality of sound playback
The first impression I had when I fired the headphones was the perfect lack of noise. Nothing fucks even when the volume is set to maximum, which unfortunately is not the rule for wireless headphones.

Another is delicate favors of the lower ranges of the acoustic band despite the manufacturer’s declaration of a completely neutral sound. If someone likes the rhythm section, they can order these Swedish blindfolders. On the other hand, people who are looking for a well-balanced headset and a very wide music scene should listen to VASA BLÅ before buying.

The playback bass is clear, pulsating, yet soft and warm. Vocals and highs are present in the musical transmission, but more delicate.

The subtlety of the bass and parts of the sounds is an advantage in long and quiet listening, because we do not end up with music fatigue. In addition, the headphones decently passively dampens noises from the environment. Again, it is worth emphasizing the selection of silicone inserts for our ears to reduce external noise and maintain sound balance – leaking tips can weaken low tones. The quality of the phone calls is very good – neither my side nor my interlocutor has problems with mutual understanding. Like using a built-in microphone that did not require me to speak louder than when talking on a smartphone.

The Sudio Vasa Bla headphones are great for genres like jazz or rap and some electronics. They are characterized by good dynamics and do not generate unwanted noise. It is worth testing the Vasa Bla before you buy to see if their sound matches your taste. Headphones easily connect to any smartphone. The raw, Scandinavian aesthetics is expressive and will appeal to those who matter about design.