The Yemenren M8 Bluetooth Headphones

The Yemenren M8 Bluetooth device is an excellent Bluetooth which is in demand for its good functionality and excellent features. It has a number of features which makes it a great investment. It also features noise cancellation which ensures that the audio is clear both at the receiving as well as the dialling end. You will also be surprised by the amount of features that are fit into this small device which further adds to making it a device that is worth the money spent on it.

Comfortable Snug Fit: Irrespective of the type of activity that you are doing such as a work out, running, biking, jogging or other impact sports you will require a pair of Bluetooth headphones which will stay on your ear without falling off in the middle of a conversation or a song. You will be in need of a device which will stay in place securely without causing any hassle. In fact, it also comes with expandable foam ear-tips which are made of silicone.

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Advanced Features: The device gives you the entire package of everything you need such as passive noise cancellation, accept calls with a touch, built-in Mic, magnetic charging, full mobile device compatibility and sweat proof and can also be used as a single earpiece or in a pair.

Truly Wireless: You no longer have to fidget with the cable or the headphone slot when you are using the Yemenren M8. It will ensure that your hands are free for other use as you take your calls with the simplest of a touch. The absence of cable also indicates that you no longer have to worry about cord bounding, rubbing or tapping which are some of the issues that you will have to face when a cable is present. Since there are no chords stuck to your neck, the level of noise interference with your calls and music will also be at the minimum.

Battery Life: The battery life of the device will give you a good music time of 5 hours when playing continuously and up to 6 hours when you are talking continuously. When using the device you should remember that only the left headset can be operated when answering and making calls.

The fact that this device is wireless is one of the biggest advantages when compared with the wired Bluetooth devices. However, in some cases, this might also look like its disadvantage. It can extend within an admirable range of just over 30 feet even if there are some walls present between the device and the phone. Pairing is a bit tasking and once unpaired, it is very difficult to establish a connection between the two again. Yemenren M8 will be worth the price you pay.

Pros and Cons:

  • There is a complaint about the quality of the device which tends to wear off or break within a short span.
  • It is a bit difficult to enable Bluetooth when compared with wired Bluetooth earbuds which pair almost immediately.

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